ashleythompson1990: :)
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Saint paul, Minnesota
27 year old Mulher, 163cm, Não religiosa
Parda/Mulata, Áries
ashleythompson1990 gostaria de se casar.
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hi................I am Ashley .................I enjoy sleeping more then anything else in life . The reason I am single is because I sleep my life away and have no time to meet anyone . Yes I do have a life and I do work and go to school but in my free time I am you guessed it ...snoozing ??. And if I am not snoozing I am Netflix and chilling by myself lol . Also I laugh at my own jokes . I consider my self a couch patatoe and going out is left back in my younger days . Matter fact I have no social life my friends I can count them with one hand and I hate phone conversations . Wait I am not done ..I know I probably already bored you to death but if you hate phone conversations as much as me because they are boring and usually a overkill then we will be best of friends . My family and others close to me hate that I live In a virtual texting world . I text around the clock and if you are addicted to texting as much as me you are already on my good side . I will text you 20 paragraph just to avoid having to call you . No matter how long the story I will some how get it in words and send it over to your phone .Also I am the type of girl if you end up calling me I will see your call and ignore it just to text you . And if you get lucky somehow and get me on the phone don't hang up . If you do even if it is for 5 seconds and you call back you will go to voicemail and I will send you something like this oh hey was up ? Like I totally didn't see your call 5 seconds ago . I promise I am not rude and I don't bite . If i ignore your message it's because I don't think we are compatible .if I respond I am interested so don't ruin it with your duchbaggery Anyway I been single for a longtime and I have gotten use to it now so it doesn't bother me . Hopefully I will meet someone before I turn in to a skeleton. And remember you only have 9 lives so don't waste it (inside joke ) . Sorry didn't mean to make this so long but that's just half of my character . If you get curious about anything else shoot me a message.

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Go to the ball where I will run home and loose my glass slipper . You will search for me and when you eventually find me we will live happily ever after .

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