Kaellajc13: Looking for someone who isn't intimidated by goals
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Yuba city, California
29 year old Mulher, 160cm, Cristã - outra
Parda/Mulata, Áries
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I enjoy going to the lake, tubing; I want to try wake boarding but I know I will get hurt in the process. I love watching all kinds of movies and I enjoy cheesy TV shows. I can curl up with a good book and read for hours on end. I am a double major in human resources and psychology with a possible minor in accounting. I am very driven on finishing school and doing something with my life. Family is very important to me. They are the only people who will always be there. I love traveling and wish I could afford it more. But I usually go on a trip every two years. My big goal is to fly to England and backpack my way through Europe. I am full of sarcasm but I almost always use it appropriately. I am an extremely good listener and only give advice when asked. I do not judge for the past because I believe it makes you into the person you are today. I am almost too caring when it comes to relationships which either scares them away or attracts the weirdos. I would like to say I am an adventurist but I pretty much get hurt the first time trying anything. (example: I broke my foot in two place standing on a skateboard) I pretty much like any music, or I can try and listen to it. Except Techno; that makes my head hurt. I am very open and honest, I am not ashamed of who I am or how I got to the place I am in. I will tell you how it is once I get to know you. That's me!

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I would love to see a guy make a date and surprise me with something interesting not just dinner and a movie