ohuffda: Fishing 4 a nice Christian man-is that you?
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I truly enjoy a variety of activities...photography, walks on the beach, going to sporting events, participating in sports, theatre, museums...you name it and I'd probably sincerely love to try it, at least once. I'm not just staying that to appease you. That's just the way I am.

I'm not looking for a man to "complete" me, but one to add to my life. I enjoy having someone in my life to share with. Honesty and integrity are qualities that are necessary. I will be open and honest with you and I expect the same. I love laughter, whether it be the sound of my kids laughing, or from myself, or hearing others laugh. I have a great sense of humor. I can take a joke and can dish it out too..

I can't say I *love* all kinds of music as I'm not a huge fan of opera, but I do like a large variety. I'd have to say my fave is 80s, not that it "takes me back" but I just love the songs...

I am a Christian and my partner needs to be a Christian as well. No exceptions to that.

I have two children, ages 19 & 15 so if you don't enjoy spending time with kids, then we are not a good match. :)
Oh, and my dog and leopard gecko are non-negotiable as well.
Any questions, just ask.

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First date....Something casual that would allow us to get to know each other without too much nervousness. Coffee sounds cliche, but it's a good place to start. And it's less likely that either one of us will end up with spinach in our teeth and not know whether or not to tell the other one! :)

However, if the first date is going well, I'm not opposed to continuing it instead of waiting for a second date to enjoy each other's company. Perhaps a walk on the beach, with a meal before or after. (Let's just agree to inform each other about the spinach thing. :) )

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