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Flyin Girl: Do you live with passion? It's a MUST!!!
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I am a happy, very positive, wear my heart on my sleeve girl. I believe I am unique as I'm truly looking for my best friend who I just love to hang out with whether it's something totally adventurous like sky diving or something as simple as watching a movie together at home. I am of the mind set that we are two strong individuals coming together to make each other even stronger and happier becoming one. I love to be silly and have a great time yet I'm very responsible and am driven to achieve things in my life. I am a former athlete and absolutely love sports! My favorite is watching the Angels!! I'm a total girlie girl, but am one that can also hang with the guys. I'm outgoing and love to smile! Some of my favorite things to do are to travel (I'm a flight attendant-can't seem to travel enough!), dance, skate, go to the river, hang out with friends and meet new people! I guess you could say I'm looking for the bad boy type, but he's actually a good guy! Do they exist?! I guess another way of saying it would be a good guy with an edge! Oh and I do have a weakness for latins. :)
Also God is very important to me so we would need to be on the same page with our love for God. :)

Update - I saw "Letters to Juliet" last night and yes it would be branded as a total chick flick, but if you're looking for real love I think you will enjoy it! While watching the movie I had an ah-ha moment! I know the secret of love! Both man and woman have to BELIEVE in love, WANT to be completely and utterly in love and the last piece...when you get a glimpse of love grab on to it and SEIZE the moment because the kind of love they have in the movie I know does exist, but it's rare so if you find it treasure it as if it's your life because it really is!

Disclaimer - On my age...I never ever lie about my age when someone asks me, but being that I'm judged so to speak on my age on here before even meeting me I put a younger age. I always seem to date younger (and no I'm not a cougar!). I think it's because younger guys match my energy and we seem to have a lot more in common...I'm very young at heart! If you are in your 40's and can relate to what I'm saying then definitely say hello!! People are always surprised when I tell them my age and always think I am 10-12 years younger which I know seems like a lot. So here it is...I'm 50. Wanted to be honest and if you meet me you will understand. :) Good luck on your search as I know we're all on here to get off of here!

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Meet up at a cool little place by the beach and talk!!

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