Curvy Cutie: Sweet & Spicy
Não com Prefiro não dizer tipo físico
Sf bay area, norcal, California
41 year old Mulher, 165cm, Outra
Branca/Caucasiana, Touro
Curvy Cutie em busca de um relacionamento.
Curso Técnico Incompleto
Project Manager

Procurando Homem Para Relacionamento Sério
Necessidades Incompleto Química Ver dele resultados
Você bebe? Socialmente Quer ter filhos? Indeciso/Talvez
Estado Civil Solteiro(a) Usa drogas? Não
Cor de Cabelo Loiro Cor dos Olhos Verde
Tem carro? Sim Tem filhos? Não
Relacionamento Mais Longo Mais de 3 anos Você é ambicioso(a)? Tenho ambição.
Bicho de Estimação Não tenho Segundo Idioma Francês

Sobre Mim
I AM sparkly, feminine, independent.
I AM positive, thoughtful, creative.
I AM a wild spirit in a stable life.
I AM open, caring, affectionate.
I AM always craving sunshine.
I AM seeking a quality partner.

ARE YOU funny, kind, honest, smart?
ARE YOU playful, grateful, generous?
ARE YOU cool doing dishes if I cook?
ARE YOU open, adventurous, happy?
ARE YOU able to lead, and to listen?
ARE YOU loyal, genuine, supportive?
ARE YOU passionate about anything?

CAN WE have fun, doing things like...

? travel
? go to concerts
? beers at a ballgame
? roam around a museum
? take photos of random things
? games, dominos, cards, golf, soccer
? learn a dance, or teach some moves
? dine with an ocean or a sunset view
? float in a pool, lake, river, or ocean
? cook or make our favorite treats
? watch some hilarious movies
? cultivate a cannabis pantry
? go on a wine tasting tour
? make each other laugh
? strive for our goals
? be spontaneous
? go deeper

>> Let's connect & see if there's a spark!

(Sidenote: My profile details are accurate and up-to-date. Nothing to hide. If you lied in your profile, it's best to tell me upfront, otherwise I won't be able to trust anything else you say. That's not a foundation we can build on, so I'm hoping to save us both any wasted time... For everyone else, thanks for your honesty!)

Puxando conversa (ex. o que você gostaria de fazer num primeiro encontro...)
ADVENTURE: travel, bucket lists, festivals, concerts, dancing, favorite beaches / water.

COMPETISH: football, baseball, basketball, soccer, golf, games, puzzles, dominos, cards.

CULTURE: art, photography, museums, design, foreign languages, comedy, nature, animals,...

MUSIC: hip-hop, reggae, soul, r-n-b, jazz, blues, classic rock, pop, edm, funk, latin, drum, bass.

HEART: inside jokes, sensual kisses, romance, passion, love, happiness, dreams, goals,... :-)