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I go with the flow, pretty chill. I'll try anything at least once, (I've tried free falling kinda like bungee jumping only you glide once you reach the bottom) I love my family and friends. I have great long time friendships that I value very much...thus I'm a loyal, ambitious, and caring person. I treat others as I want to be treated. I like to have fun, laugh, and act silly sometimes. I enjoy going on walks in the park or on the beach. I like camping, swimming, the snow, sking (need a refresher and want to try snow boarding), amusement park rides, reading magazines, Chocolate, taking pictures, hanging out by the pool with an umbrella drink, and getting a tan. Shopping is also a hobby for me as probably most woman. As much I love to do girly things, I also like some of the guy stuff too, like watching and going to baseball, football, soccer games etc. I love to hang out with friends, I drink socially on weekends mostly and sometimes have some wine during the week to unwind from the daily stresses of work,school and life. I prefer it HOT over cold. I like to go on mini vacations,or weekend getaways near and far. I have fun doing simple things like taking my daughter on vacation and many other places like the zoo, amusement parks, Tahoe, festivals,and family functions, etc..
I also like watching/going to movies all kinds,(The Notebook, Precious), comedies(Friday, Hangover), watch live comedy.
I'm a great listener with an open mind. If you can make me laugh it's always a plus. I love music,-R&B, hip hop, pop, 80's, oldies, electronica,house, classical, the radio. It helps me get my day started. I'm the one you'll see singing and dancing in the car. = )I love wearing heels, there absolutely beautiful and sexy...(I'm 5'7 without heels) I am a lady, I know my way around the kitchen, and I like things clean(but not a clean freak don't worry): )Somethings I don't really like to do are: taking out the garbage, car maintenance (even pumping gas) gardening, however I CAN take care of flowers... :)with all this said, I'm still a down to earth, trustworthy, and reliable person.
I recently went back to school full time. I value diversity, I feel that all people have a purpose. I believe in 2nd chances, (except for child molester's, rapist, murderers)I try to the positive in almost everything, after all things could always be worse. I like helping others thus my job/career gives me purpose, I also volunteer working with youth. Because not everything always goes as planned, I believe when you fall, you just have to get back up and keep going. WHAT I LIKE: I prefer tall men who smell good (not overdosed on cologne), breath too ; )and a few other basic things...

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By the time we get to a date, we'll already have figured out where to go. = ) if you know the song on my headline definitely a ++

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