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Well if you've read my exhaustive list of interests you already know a lot about me. So instead please bear with my increasingly cynical self as I share some of the ironies and contradictions I have observed of internet dating, (or at least re those of the opposite sex I have encountered on pof!) Those who know me and my usually positive, optimistic outlook will find my comments extraordinarily out of character, but at the risk of being entirely TOO honest, something really HAS to be done about the current state of affairs, and if no one else will I guess I will just have to be the one to do it! (Viewings of the original "How to marry a millionaire" optional!)

Women say all the time that they want an "expressive" man who can "share his feelings," (but when they find him think he "shares/talks too much"); want a guy who "knows what he wants," (but then think he's too "eager"); want a guy who likes the "simple things" in life (but then he doesn't make enough money!); want a guy who works hard to make a living (but then complain he doesn't spend enough time with them!); with "maturity" (but when he has that maturity by virtue of life experiences, "is too old" or has "too much baggage"); and "loves kids" (but has too many!). Call me a killjoy, but I have found the hard way that people (or at least those of the fairer sex I have met on here), don't really want to know the truth of what really makes you tick, (and sure don't want to hear about ur failures in life!). Honestly, I think most people on here are wanting a fairy tale that doesn't exist and looking for the "perfect" instead of just good enough, (not realizing there is no such thing as "perfect," least not in this world). In fact, I would even go so far as to say, while many women on here claim they want more than just a "like to do anything and hang out" profile of the kind of guy they would be interested in meeting, if you have any depth of experience or DETAIL to what you are looking for you are dismissed as "too complicated." (Never mind how you have grown through your experiences and have learned the fact that ALL good relationships take work to succeed). Frankly about ready to throw in the towel on the whole online thing (forgive me if I sound just a wee bit cynical at this point, not complaining, just stating facts, or at least my candid observations!) Of course, I'm open to persuasion if you think you are the one who can do it! And if God has my true Soulmate out there she will be an understanding, compassionate woman who sees as God does, not man. Are you her?

Puxando conversa (ex. o que você gostaria de fazer num primeiro encontro...)
She speaks in riddles, sometimes blue,
and leaves me wondering what to do
For once, a shining vision, now,
A rusty, mothballed one, somehow,
Still calls me near, with Swanton song,
and makes me wonder just how long,
Until this earth suit, soaked with rain,
shall set me free from sin and pain
And all my trials on earth be done,
and then shalt live with Father, son.

Want more? Write me! jp

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