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My dirty thirty :) February 2012

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I'm a sweet, genuinely a very caring girl. People say I have a kind heart. I'm a girl who loves to be appreciated for the things I do for people especially those I deeply care about. I'm very open-minded and I tend to set high goals for myself. I graduated from UCLA with a psychology degree. But I realized after working as a behavioral therapist that I would really rather be a nurse. So I recently finished nursing school. Yipee So far I'm totally loving the experience! I also volunteered at CHOC (children's hospital) on the oncology floor. I absolutely love interacting with children whether they're ill or healthy! Hopefully I'll be an oncology nurse or maybe even an Nurse Practitioner in the future. I love meeting new people. I love kids but not ready to have my own yet. I like arts and crafty things. I also like walks on the beach...picnics... watching movies...hanging out with friends, and eating yogurt. I like sweet surprises :D

I learned how to snowboard but still need practice. I love the color pink. I'm very family oriented. I LOVE MY FAMILY! =] I used to work with autistic children therefore I'm known to have a lot of patience. I believe in giving people second chances but only to a certain extent so don't take advantage of it. I strongly believe everything in life happens for a reason. Never get discouraged if you run into an obstacle because the ability to overcome it will only make you a stronger person. Life is short be happy!

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