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What is the Relationship Needs Assessment and who developed it?
The Relationship Needs Assessment is an original and innovative assessment commissioned by Markus Frind of PlentyofFish. Some of the leading experts in compatibility science and online testing were tasked with realizing Markus� vision of developing the coolest assessment of its kind � an assessment that could determine in great detail a person�s overt and hidden needs in a relationship. But that�s not all. Markus also wanted the assessment reports to provide users with highly specific guidance for putting the results in practice. Therefore, each user receives customized �Action Plans� that outline specific questions and topics for the user to ask or explore with potential partners. These �Action Plans� are based entirely on the unique answer patterns of the test taker, so everyone receives guidance that is custom-made for them. There is nothing like this assessment on the Internet today.

How long does it take to complete the Relationship Needs Assessment?
There are approximately 120 questions to answer, so it takes 35 minutes of uninterrupted time to complete. Note that it may take longer for those people whom English is a secondary language. However, the questions are presented at an 8th grade reading level so most people will find the tool easy to read and use.

How was the Relationship Needs Assessment� constructed?
This assessment is a scientifically valid tool that conforms to professional testing standards set forth by the 1999 Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing as issued jointly by the American Educational Research Association, the American Psychological Association and the National Council on Measurement in Education (2002, Washington, DC: Author). The Relationship Needs Assessment was constructed in four main steps:

1. The psychological assessment team reviewed the academic literature to identify some of the most crucial types of relationships needs people of all backgrounds share.

2. The team then studied the best practice methods of measuring these relationship needs and adapted these methods for the present assessment, which was grounded in Modern Test Theory. Modern Test Theory is the name for the gold standard statistics used in such well known assessments like the GRE, MCAT and LSAT. Even Microsoft uses Modern Test Theory in its software accreditation testing. The team prepared approximately 500 assessment items for possible use.

3. A validation survey was subsequently conducted and over 12,000 members of PlentyofFish participated. Scaling and bias testing analytics were applied to the raw data collected from that survey. These analytics allowed us to identify test items and questions that form unbiased scales for each of the nine relationship needs. In other words, the team improved the psychometric quality of the existing best practice methods for measuring the various relationship needs.

4. The models for the nine relationship factors were studied and interpreted by a panel of clinical psychologists, statisticians and relationship experts. This panel then prepared the general feedback and customized �Action Plans� that form the feedback reports.

Why is the feedback sometimes different from how I perceive myself?
The feedback is based on mathematical models of the people who have scored low, medium and high across the various relationship factors. In other words, some of the feedback reflects broad generalizations that describe groups of people extremely well, but that are sometimes less accurate for specific individuals in certain ways. Also, we find that people tend to seize on certain information in reports rather than read and digest the context of the entire reports. Please read what the entire report says about you and be sure to consider the information with an objective, open mind.

Other reasons why feedback can be different from how you see yourself include:

1 The facts that most people are not good at assessing themselves or seeing themselves as others see them.

2 Most people have not taken a legitimate assessment for relationship variables � an assessment that objectively measures key characteristics in a linear way and then compares those characteristics to a rigorous, unbiased reference group or norm. Virtually all �compatibility tests� on dating websites are based on outdated test and measurement methods and only provide feedback that is self-referential, that is, they spit back feedback based only on how a test taker perceives him/ herself. Not this one.

3 Many people may have different definitions for the relationship factors we measure in the Relationship Needs Assessment. Our relationship factors are entirely evidence-based and tend to be more comprehensive or broader in scope than lay-definitions of these concepts.

How will the Relationship Needs Assessment help my love life?
A good rule-of-thumb in love and dating is �in matters of the heart use your head.� Before people become involved with someone, many unfortunately fail to consider carefully what their unique needs, desires and expectations are in a partner and a relationship. Therefore, the Relationship Needs Assessment will help you take stock of these issues in a clear and objective way. In fact, people often gain new and surprising insights into their attitudes and behaviors through this tool. And, users also receive highly specific and customized guidance on putting those insights into actual practice based on their unique answer patterns on the Relationship Needs Assessment. The Relationship Needs Assessment is not a personality or compatibility test. Rather, it is a unique resource to help you know yourself better and what specific issues and questions to explore with others so that you will satisfy your overt and hidden needs in a relationship.

Is the Relationship Needs Assessment suitable for everyone?
Yes, almost anyone will find this new tool useful. This is because the test questions were selected based on the fact that they showed no mathematical bias due to variables like a person�s age, sex, sexual orientation or the type of relationship for which they were looking (casual, long-term or both). Thus, the Relationship Needs Assessment is a tool that provides accurate and fair feedback to virtually all users.

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