alegremenina: I eat life.
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Redwood shores, California
51 year old Femme, 173cm, Laïc
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Autre, Lion
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alegremenina recherche une relation amoureuse.
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A propos de Moi
I'm a very good communicator, and am considerate and thoughtful. If we ever talk or meet, you will find that I am actually a nice person. If we ever meet, you will always get your texts, emails, phone calls answered quickly (within reason). I hope you would do the same.

I believe in differences. I will celebrate our differences, and I love new experiences and learning. If I’ve never done it, please suggest it. I’m likely to be game for it.

But there are certain similarities that I think would make for the perfect match. They are:
- I am a happy, fun person, and I find joy in little things. You need to be that way as well. I smile a lot, and laugh a lot. Smile and laugh with me. And it’s okay to laugh at me too, I’m fun to make fun of.
- I am a positive person. Can you always see what the glass half-full looks like, even if just for a minute? I can be realistic too, but I can usually find the silver lining in there somewhere.
- I am outgoing and love people. I have found that I have a blast with others who are that way. I love babies, I love old people, and people of all ages. If you are shy, or will be embarrassed that I talk to so many strangers, then we are not a good match.
- I am playful, and I like that kind of interaction. In person, through texts, and even in bed.
- I’ve been told that I am “oozing with charm”. I do really enjoy someone who is charming and flirtatious too.
- I can be silly at times. My kids would say too often. I like it when someone is that way too.
- Confidence is sexy. By this time in your life, you should be confident. I am.
- I am very open and very easy to talk to. I really enjoy people who are open as well.
- I am a passionate person and I will not be happy with you if you are not.
- Sensuality is key. I am a touchy-feely sensual person, and it is important to me that this is appreciated and nurtured. If sensuality is not important to you, I don’t think you will understand why it’s important to me.
- I love affectionate people. I am a hugger, and I am affectionate and playful with my kids, my friends, and my dates. I need that in return.
- I exercise a lot, and look for excuses to be active. This must be an important part of your life as well.
- I’m in good shape, but I’m not in perfect shape, nor do you need to be.
- I am an agnostic, and anyone who is deeply religious or New Age will not be a good match for me.
- I am self-employed and have worked all my life. I love what I do. You don’t need to love your job, but you need to have a decent job that you try to do well, and take pride in that job. If you are "in transition", this is probably not the best time to start a relationship.
- I do not want to have any more children. If you are hoping to start a family, then I am happy for you and it will be a joyous experience like no other, but it will not be with me. If you already have your own kids, that’s okay.

More about me:
I was born in India and grew up in Brazil. I blended well in Brazil, and I consider it home. I was there for the World Cup this last Summer :)

No one ever believes that I am as old as I am. It is a compliment, and it is both in the way I look and the way I feel.

I am outgoing, strong, independent, confident and very competent, but love to depend a little on someone. I can do just about anything but I will allow someone to do it for me too. I like it when a guy wants to take care of me a little, and I get a little thrill out of being physically picked up and carried.

I have a lot of friends. I make friends easily and could always be busy but I like an occasional evening at home alone. I'd love to be introduced to your world as well, and meet your friends and share your interests. Introduce me to an activity I haven't enjoyed yet - that would be fun!

Good luck on your search. If you write and I don't answer, I still wish you well.

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Any place or anything where we can talk and get to know one another.

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