CaliCountrySweetheart: hoping to find someone to catch my eye.
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Hmm, where to begin...
Ask me about my Snapchat...
First off, if you send me a message it may take me awhile. I work at a restaurant so my hours are sometimes jacked up. Also, if I message you late i do apologize. I'm not on this all day. Again, i work in a restaurant lol. Also if it's late and i only message you a long hello, it's probably because my brain is trying to shut off on me haha. So don't take it personally that I'm not putting 100 into it. If I messaged you, know I'm interested.
Moving on...
I know it says I'm not really looking for a relationship but that's only half the truth... I'm looking for someone to catch my eye. If it works out, thats amazing but if not friends are always welcome in my life. :)

I'm a bit of a dork. I say random things all the time, but it's what keeps my brain sane. If you can handle a random conversation that you don't know how it started. I'm your girl. I tend to be a smartass, it's okay though I do have a sweet side to me.

I do love to laugh and you can almost always find me smiling. I can make most anybody smile with my stupid sense of humor. Sometimes it's just the way I say something that is hysterical.

I'm a great cook. I can cook just about anything you would like, but what's funny is I am a slightly picky eater. But if you have a hearty appetite and you want something good to eat, I'll make it for you. I'm the girl who cooks and helps out.

I am the type of girl always cheering my guy on in whatever he does, he can always count on me to be in his corner.

I do love the outdoors. I was born and raised most of my life in the boonies in Washington state. I love it. I like going out to any lake or to the ocean. Most of my life was spent on the ocean at Kite Festivals, Sand Castle Festivals and all the above growing up. I love being behind a boat. I suck at wake-boarding but I still always try. One things for sure is you won't ever catch me on a kneeboard, I've ate it too hard to ever get on those ever again. But I will kick ass anytime on a tube flat tube or one I can plant my butt into. You'll most likely be able to hear me on the boat, even with the music turned up and the sound of the engine.. Just goes to show that I'm having fun but I won't lose my voice. People are always shocked at that.

As much as I love to do all that, I rarely go to bars anymore. Just the same people over and over again. Don't get me wrong I'll still go out, but it's not every weekend. I would rather spend money doing something else to be honest or going on a shopping adventure, or just not spend any money at all. I like to just sit on the couch, cuddle up with a good blanket and read a book or watch a movie I haven't seen in a while or one that just came out. The possibilities are endless but when I am at home.. hair is in a bun, comfy pants are on with a baggy tshirt or sweatshirt and not an ounce of makeup. Who am I going to try to impress? The couch? The guys on the TV? Get real, lol.

My family means the world to me, whether they're here or in Washington. I have a lot of family that I love but that doesn't mean we're close. Ive never met my father but we do talk, sometimes. My mom and little sister are my rocks, I can always count on them to tell me the truth and to be there for me.

Now that I've realized that I haven't written half of a novel, I think that I'll stop now and you can message me if you like what you have read. :)

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I would like it to be something where we can definitely get to know each other a little better. Get a coffee, go to dinner. Shoot, I'll bring out the inner kid and say lets go miniature golfing or go kart racing. Whatever it is, I'm sure we could make the most of it and have a blast. :)

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