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ash_marii recherche une relation amoureuse.
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I really hate these things but here goes. I'm a pretty simple girl. I enjoy long walks on the beach followed by candle lit dinners, and carriage rides thru the park, you know, the stereotypical bull sh*t everyone else enjoys. Jk.
Hmm, what makes me unique? I don't know really. I don't consider myself your typical girl. I'm just me. Get to talkin to me and you'll find that out. I enjoy being a bartender and talkin to and getting to know all kinds of different people and I enjoy entertaining them and making them laugh and have a good time. My hobbies? Alot! Oh but I am a BIG 49ers fan! And I LOVE me some music! Goals and aspirations? Finishing school. And eventually finding that right person to settle down with. Music? Ah, sh*t that's a hard one. My favorite band would have to be Hollywood Undead butI like a variety of music actually...pop, hip-hop, rap, rock, a lil reggaeton (gotta stay true to my latin blood), country please, I might live in Texas but I am not a cowgirl, lol. And I am moving to Cali by the beginning of this year that's why my profile says Cali...for all of you smart guys who caught that...congratulations I haven't lost you yet (just wait for it).
Anything else just ask me. I promise I won't bite. Lol. And if I don't message you back then there's probably a reason...Also, I will not post pix on this site, they will find there way to you if and when I decide. If that's a problem keep steppin...on to the next one.
PLEASE if you're going to take the time to message me then please by all means be original, none of this "hi" "what's up" "how are you?" "how's the weather" I mean c'mon, I don't expect a Hallmark card but put a little effort into it. I need to at least know you have the intellegence to form sentences. I will simply delete the message. And if your gonna say stupid sh*t like "you look like your good in bed" please spare me the horror, I will not respond to that (one of my first messages I received on here). Ugh, typical. No pickup lines, that type of sh*t just doesn't work on me, so go find another girl to use them on...we are not in high school anymore. Your a man and you should know by now how to approach, talk to and keep a woman's attention.
If you haven't noticed by now, yes, I do have a bit of an attitude (in a good way of course). I am real as f*ck and I say it how it is. I'm blunt and I can be a b*tch. I am a pistol and I am VERY sarcastic. I know my personality can scare off a few guys, it's done it before, but I love how head strong I am, I prefer to be strong then be a weak b*tch...believe me tho, when I vibe with someone I'm willing to let it go and tone it down. For all others this is your warning! Run away now! Not sorry, it's just in my nature and I'm just being true to who I am, if you can't respect that then it's called loggin out of my page! However, I am and can a very sweet girl (or so I've been told) and I am a bit of a goofball. Ha. Like I said before get to talkin to me and you'll find that out real quick.
Hmm...typical guys I date are: tall, dark, handsome...jk but I do like em tall (over 5'11" please, at least be 5'9" but that's pushing it), I mostly date white guys but I sometimes make an exception. I love, love, love dark hair and colored's super sexy! I love guys who are tattooed..piercings? Not so much. It's cool to have a few but nothin crazy. Idk I just like guys that are a little different, like me. Also, I don't like pretty boys (you cannot be more feminine than me). Or more's my mirror get away.
What can i say? I know what I want...Well I think that about wraps it up for now. Sorry for this short story of an "About Me". I am not looking for a relationship on here. It says looking for friends, however if something does happen, it happens. That's just the way it goes.
P.S. If you haven't been scared off by now then you should definitely hit me up. XOXO. Ciao.

Démarreurs de conversation (par ex. ce que vous aimeriez faire lors d'un premier rendez-vous...)
I don't sit around thinking about my dream date...who really does this? Lmao.

Hmm, nothing typical...I'd rather do something fun but something where I can connect with you and get to know you at the same time. I'm not gonna have a guy take me to the most expensive restaurant in town or buy me a dozen long stem roses...
You can pick me a flower from a garden or the park and I'd think it was sweet. You can take me to a fast food place and I wouldn't mind. After all, it's the thought that counts, right?


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