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pixiesnmj: creeeeeeeeeeeeep
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Sacramento, California
29 year old Femme, 173cm, Laïc
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Diverse, Balance
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pixiesnmj souhaite faire des sorties, sans prise de tête.
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Make-up Artist

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Hey - I'm a cool, fat chick (and no, i am not putting myself down by saying that - it's just a true description, and if you think it's a put down then you obviously have a negative view of fat in which case we probably wouldn't get along). I try to be a body positive person which is definitely a struggle in this society. I'm a creative person and would be interested in getting to know other creative/artsy types. I find that people who are creative tend to be more interesting and of course that opens up the possibility of getting creative together. I'd like to find somebody who is curious about their world and asks questions. Someone who thinks critically is a must. I value education but more than that i value the desire for enlightenment. I think too many people accept their everyday experience as the end all be all of truth when in reality there's so much more out there. If you think that you might be like this and you're interested send me a message! I'd love to have an actual conversation on here instead of the usual chit-chat.

p.s. despite how pretentious i sound here i really am an easy going, funny girl. I'm a quintessential Libra - i love going out and being social but there always has to be a balance. I'm just as comfortable staying in playing board games as i am at a crowded party (although I'll probably like the party better) also, I'm an unapologetic stoner.

I get the absolute worst/funniest/depressing/idiotic messages on this website - thank you all for the entertainment. Apparently I need to put this in my profile: if you get the urge to message me please use full and complete sentences, resist shortening words unnecessarily, and if I do happen to message you back don't expect me to carry the whole conversation. It's a good idea to have more to say than "hi". If this seems like too much trouble do yourself a favor and don't click send.

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I think a first date should simultaneously be fun and relaxed yet it should be obvious that some thought went into it. I mean, how awkward is just meeting someone for coffee? I think the first date should be free of the social pressures usually attached to it. It should involve an activity!

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