Age: 45
funadventuregirl: Let's Flip Houses, Travel, or Go on a Retreat!
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Non-fumeur(se) avec Normale silhouette
Fremont, California
41 year old Femme, 163cm, Animiste
Origine ethnique
Asiatique, Capricorne
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funadventuregirl recherche une relation amoureuse.
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Diplôme universitaire
Holistic Healing & Other Businesses

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Situation de famille Célibataire Prend des drogues? Non
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A une voiture? Oui A des enfants? Non
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A propos de Moi
I was looking for my partner. But hey, let's make some money together! It will be fun! Let's flip houses, join me on my business adventures, or suggest something.

Original intention on this site:
My intention here is to meet someone who is looking for a relationship, someone who is physically & emotionally available.
I don't mind meeting activity partners and friends.
Dating to me means: taking time to get to know each other to see if we are compatible to be life partners. It doesn't mean having sex on the first couple dates.
Also given the current political turmoil, I have to say that I am no Trump supporter. REALLY.

About me:
I am a pretty fun, somewhat adventurous, easy-going person. I love to explore, enjoy the great outdoors, hiking, sight-seeing, love photography. I'm pretty busy with work and starting my own business, but I still like to spend some time to have fun. I used to take scenic rides on scooter/motorcycle. I went skydiving a couple years ago, OMG, unforgettable experience. :)
Besides being outdoors, I also like watching movies & shows, as well as some quiet time. I enjoy trying out different restaurants, and explore something new each week. I like a variety of activities, and like to keep things interesting. I like to attend workshops to learn new stuff. I used to go to motivational workshops and really like Tony Robbins' seminar. And I enjoy volunteering or go to a fund-raiser events sometimes.
BTW, if anyone need a new cellphone plan, contact me. That's part of my business. :)

I go on spiritual retreats from time to time, and I love traveling, especially to historical places. I've been to the Yucatan and Teotihaucan, and took some really awesome pictures. I love Yosemite, & I also went to Yellowstone last Summer. I like road trips, and would love to explore the bay area, across the country, and around the world with friends and my partner!

I would also be interested in running businesses together with my partner. I think it will be fun. :) I like the excitement, challenges, creativity, and growth that come with it.

I think it's important that my partner knows what his goals are and what kind of life he wants. I think this is important because sharing life means supporting each other's goals; especially, what's important to you in your life, and what you are looking for in a relationship.

Scorpio: that's me. :) The profile is incorrect. I can't change it.
Trust & honesty are very important to scorpios. I'll leave it as that.

What a great date consist of?
Being able to have fun together as friends, and take some time to get to know each other. Let it grow into a deeper meaningful relationship as we get to know each other. If you are willing to learn massage , we can massage each other. I love massages. :)

What makes me smile?
Feeling the warmth of the sun.
Watching the sky changes colors during sunset.
Seeing all the beauty of nature.
Watching animals, as well as little kids, do silly things.
Taking a deep breath, and realizing that I'm alive. :)

What touches my heart?
Seeing elderly couples still holding hands while going for a walk.
Seeing people overcome hardships with dedication and determination, doing the so call "impossible".

I'm grateful having everything in my life, and feeling very alive! Loving life and looking to share with my partner. :)
Side note: I became a pescetarian in 2016.

Démarreurs de conversation (par ex. ce que vous aimeriez faire lors d'un premier rendez-vous...)
Conversation over tea, go for a walk, hiking, biking, take pictures?
It's better to be doing something together than just sitting around. :)