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AngellaB: Singer/Comedian, Looking for Her #1 Fan
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AngellaB recherche une relation amoureuse.
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A propos de Moi
My Headline starts the picture of me off to start. I enjoy singing and making people smile and laugh. I am an optimistic, glass half full kind of lady. It pleases me to make others comfortable and happy in my presence.

Music has been a wonderful outlet in which to use my God-given talents to sing to the public; whether in church or in a local club/karaoke. I used to fear speaking and being in front of a crowd, but I used the technique "to face my fears and therefore conquered them"! I've been told that even my corny quick wit jokes can somehow make it one day to an open mic-club...spontaneity being the key factor in making that gig work, but I do plan on conquering THAT fear one day soon.

I am an artist in many forms besides singing, I enjoy painting, writing poetry and simply making things, whether that is a cardboard playhouse for children or whipping up a gourmet-style meal in the kitchen. I truly believe that God gifted me with an innate talent to just "know" how to do things, and do them well. It has been truly a blessing. Take for instance singing. I have always liked to sing, but in the shower or in the car. It wasn't until about 8 years ago that I challenged myself to take the mic at a company party. Who'd have thought I would face my biggest fear to get on the stage in front of hundreds of my co-workers and their spouses and blow them (AND myself) out of the water with my rendition of Reba McEntire's "Why Haven't I Heard From You" (country music, though I like many genres and can sing many different female artists). That night, at the company party, I will never forget; as it was the beginning of an amazing journey in singing. Now besides clubs I am often the lead female vocalist on Sunday mornings at church. To sing praises to our Lord and Savior for all the fine work He has done through me - that is a long story which is being written in one of my (future) books. Yes, I am taking writing to the next level from poetry to a Novel.

I have a children's book written and NEED to illustrate it. My dream of late is to have my daughter do the visual in drawings, as the "apple didn't fall far from the tree". My daughter is extremely talented and I have God to thank also for that. I am creative with the computer, and pride myself in self-teaching myself. Programs and computers are a fascination to me. I started assisting local merchants in my area as an Internet Marketing and Advertising Consultant; just one a many projects I juggle of late. Being able to use my creative talents excites me and makes me happiest.

Life can be crazy, yet I have tried to focus periodically on the present moment. People talk much about this these days, and as I do take the time to have quiet time along and be present in the moment really helps balance my life.

I enjoy using all of the 5-senses: Sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. In finding an ideal partner I find that one that can meet those five areas I am best suited for, and I am sure it is equal for them.

Though it is nice to dream and want things, I am not really a materialistic woman. The simple pleasures or handpicked flowers - even beautiful weeds have found their way to a vase, therefore filling my space with beauty! A simple handwritten note on a piece of scrap paper has often been something I have treasured most over any store-bought card any day. I suppose you can say I am a hopeless romantic...

I dream of finding a partner that has his own dreams and aspirations, yet is open to allowing me to fulfill my very own. For years I found myself in the mother/nurturing mode. Perhaps a bit co-dependent, error in loosing myself in the process of supporting my loved ones. One day I "awaken" to find them gone and/or grown and I could finally focus on myself for a change. I don't want to loose that independence, yet long for someone to share the journey with.

To describe the ideal man (or woman for that matter), as many profiles read is fruitless. Let's face it we ALL want someone who's honest, caring, sensitive, blaaa blaa bla. You know what I'm talking about, ever profile seems to have them listed. Honesty IS important. TRUST, yes, must be earned and kept. Listening is important. Not just the kind that goes in one ear and out the other - REAL listening. To repeat oneself over and over wears a person down. Partners NEED to take time for each other, even if it is 15-minutes a day to share their feelings and REALLY listen with compassion. I am aware of the differences in how a man and a woman think and communicate; and quite frankly I think God is up there laughing as we try to make sense of what we want and need and how we relay this to our partners! It can be quite frustrating; yet if a couple invests themselves in the relationship, it can be a very rewarding experience. Kind of a live/learn process. Does any of this make sense to YOU? If so, perhaps we should talk....

Démarreurs de conversation (par ex. ce que vous aimeriez faire lors d'un premier rendez-vous...)
Wow, a first date, huh? Hmmm, you know these can vary for many reasons.

Often it depends on distance. Talking over Coffee seems to work for closer travels, or a light meal - again it does NOT have to be extravagant. Let's face it, folks are usually a bit nervous and eating... well it can be nerve-raking in it's own right. Yet it helps make the awkward pauses bearable if one can take a bite of food (don't talk with your mouth full, mom always reminds us!) I don't know about guys, some plow away at their plates while even us BBW's are worried spinach might be stuck in our teeth! I challenge the true Knight in Shining Armor who let's us Fair Maidens KNOW when we've got something stuck in our teeth or a blob of Ketchup has landed on our "rack". The laughter often breaks that nervous feeling two strangers get upon first meeting.

For those traveling farther, I suppose it depends on the distance. Discussion could be made in advance as to a Plan A and a Plan B. Let's face it, someone could be really interesting and fun in an email, pictures are looking inviting, maybe even spoken on the phone, and we get all excited when the day arrives where we decide to meet and then...NOTHING. NO chemistry, nothing. Now fortunately I have been pretty fortunate that the extreme case of NO chemistry whatsoever hasn't happened (yet, "knock on wood") There area I live has a wide variety of local things within a 30-minutes drive, many of which are much, much closer, and several in walking distance. I am absolutely positive we can think of SOMETHING that we'd like to have as a Plan A and a Plan B...BE CREATIVE for goodness sakes! Let SURPRISE be an element of the moment....Hmmmm, just what ARE you thinking of now???

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