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Non-fumeur(se) avec Normale silhouette
San francisco, California
36 year old Femme, 160cm, Laïc
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Asiatique, Poisson
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TracyNJ recherche une relation amoureuse.
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Relation la plus longue Plus de 4 ans Êtes-vous ambitieux(se)? Très ambitieux(se)
Animaux domestiques Pas d'animaux Deuxième Langue Chinois

A propos de Moi
* Last July, I packed my bags and moved from New Jersey to Silicon Valley for a dream opportunity. Quite the adventure.
* I find it hard not to smile.
* I have a knack for picking things up quickly. Once entered a Texas Hold'em tournament and had a week to learn to play. I finished 4th out of 140 players.
* I want that crazy, undeniable chemistry- the kind where we're out to dinner somewhere and I tell you we need to get out of here. Soon.
* Full disclosure of my man-habits. I catch myself ditching my purse and trying to stuff everything in my back pockets. Sundays- September to December and hopefully longer- are strictly reserved for the NY Giants. I curse occasionally: out of excitement, not anger.
* I get the most compliments on my butt and my smile. If I catch you looking, I'll bust your chops.
* I believe in regular 6 am, 4 mile runs. My style is to make the important stuff routine and be flexible on all else.
* Others describe me as self-assured, grounded, intellectual, genuine, gutsy, caring, independent. I would also add that I can be impulsive, impatient, stubborn and for better or for worse, wear my heart on my sleeve.
* I met one of my best friends stuck in the last row on the airplane.
* I'm attracted to guys who are themselves, kind, slightly shy at first and confident in the long run, can be content driving a Honda, take initiative, hold the door open, and willing to discuss an issue. Those versatilely athletic, wicked smart, well-spoken, funny, with dark hair and handsome features get bonus points.
* I much prefer to sit next to, rather than across, from someone.
* I can drive stick and parallel park pretty well.
* Born in Taiwan, and moved to the U.S. when I was six. NJ to CA. I'm a natural blend between the East & West.
* I love wearing a dress- just like how it hugs my body. I feel equally comfortable in jeans and a tank top.
* I don't feel a need to belong. There may be over a billion active users of Facebook, but I don't think I'll ever join.
* Red is my favorite color. I'm also partial to red wine and red roses.
* While I have a general idea of what I like in guys, I'm constantly discovering what draws me in. For example, I dated a guy and noticed this beautiful coffee table at his place. Told by a friend he made it himself. I found the self-sufficiency, humility, and hidden talent surprisingly sexy.
* Madrid, Cape Town in South Africa, and Thailand are my favorite places I've been to so far, each for their own reasons. I absolutely can't wait to go on my next trip and the more dissimilar from prior destinations, the better.
* I have the appetite of a grown man and have no idea where it comes from.
* I quit my job on an equity trading desk after I was unfairly treated for a period of time. I tend to give things a chance to improve, yet ultimately you have to keep your head and standards high.
* I play violin and I'm hoping I can pick up piano again too.
* I read voraciously. Hands down, The Economist is my favorite magazine and The Fountainhead my favorite book. I can spend hours reading the Sunday edition of The New York Times.
* Very sweet when a guy offers to fix your computer, pick you up from the airport, meet you more than halfway. Thoughtfulness is hard to find.

Démarreurs de conversation (par ex. ce que vous aimeriez faire lors d'un premier rendez-vous...)
Grabbing a bite to eat, any sporting event, live music, exploring small towns & big cities.

Best thing about me, in my opinion, is my warmth . I assure you I'm easy company.

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