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Your New Favorite Fitness Dating App


Just like how running uphill can make you weak in the knees, so can going on great dates—but in the best way possible. If you’ve been looking for the best fitness dating app or best fitness dating site, then look no further. Whether you’re into rock climbing, running, skiing, hiking, or biking, you’re bound to find someone who shares your passion for fitness on Plenty of Fish.

When you both value fitness and a healthy lifestyle, it’s easier to find a natural rhythm together. So matching you with active singles who share the same interests is definitely at the top of our priority list. Bonus points if they like trying new things, so every date can bring new adventures—no matter what you’re doing.

When you start dating someone and you already have a shared value or lifestyle, the rest should easily fall into place. But if you’re stumped on where to start, here’s a list of activities you can do together. We suggest grabbing brunch, a meal, or drinks afterwards.

  1. Hike
  2. Walk and coffee
  3. Bootcamp class
  4. HIIT class
  5. Spin class
  6. Running
  7. Cycling
  8. Tennis
  9. Golfing
  10. Swimming

Listen, we know you probably like to do the heavy lifting, but it’s time to let us handle that.

Single and into fitness? We’re here to help you find the best dates possible. There are plenty of options to connect you to the right people, depending on your preferences. You can search, filter, voice chat, video call, and more. What really changes the dating game is our matching algorithm. It uses all of the unique attributes of your profile to find you the most compatible singles. The key is making sure you add every vital detail to your profile so it can do the best job of matching you with someone you can really connect with. You know, like mentioning you like keeping active and including your favorite activities like going to gym, catching a Zumba class or jogging on the weekends.

Trust us, you’ll be meeting other fitness singles in no time! So, what’re you waiting for? Let’s get started.

We're on a mission to bring the fun back to online dating. We welcome singles from all walks of life and offer loads of ways to connect. This is how dating should be.
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We're on a mission to bring the fun back to online dating. We welcome singles from all walks of life and offer loads of ways to connect. This is how dating should be.

Play Cue'd Up

The “Are you sure?” feature will help you avoid those cringey, awkward conversations.

We're making getting to know singles online fun again with our new sassy fill-in-the-blanks game. Remove the pressure and get to know other singles in a relaxed setting before you swipe. Here's how it works:

  • We'll scan your messages for anything potentially offensive – think sexts, suggestive emojis, etc.
  • Check out the responses and show some love to the one that made you snort laugh. Answers that get “likes” get points
  • Swipe right on the player who caught your eye and start a conversation

Here's how it works:

Plenty of Fish has one mission: to connect the most singles by building low-pressure online experiences where the right people take notice. That's why we built our state-of-the-art dating technology; Chemistry Predictor & Personality Test, which is automatically built into the website.

We're on a mission to bring the fun back to online dating. We welcome singles from all walks of life and offer loads of ways to connect. This is how dating should be.

Ready? It's easy peasy

Create a profile
Create a profile
Here’s where the magic starts! The more we know about you, the better we can match you with the right singles. Take your time & be thorough.
Upload Quality Photo
Upload Quality Photo
Seriously! This is the number one thing you can do to increase your chances of finding a great date. Make sure to include at least 4 photos that show the real you!
Take the Pledge<br />& Find Dates!
Take the Pledge
& Find Dates!
  1. a. Take the Pledge to be safe & respectful
  2. b. Head over to Live! to start finding dates
Blind Date with NextDate
Blind Date with NextDate
  1. a. Navigate to the Live! tab on the bottom right
  2. b. Hit “Go Live!” and then tap the heart icon at the bottom left of your screen to start NextDate
  3. c. Tap the heart icon again to switch into Blind Date Mode and wait for someone to join your date!

Making the first move is proven to increase your chances of finding a date. Our advice is to keep it light and start with a mutual interest, such as...you know it, HOW YOU”RE BOTH SINGLE AND A FITNESS!

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