ashleylove101: Where is my superhero?
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Newark, California
23 year old Mujer, 165cm, No religiosa
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Blanco/Caucásico, Capricornio
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Hello and welcome to my profile.My name is Ashley and i am a student,coming from Newark California,I am half American and Half Lebanese.I am looking for some one out there that could complete the other half
of me.I am looking for a guy who is sweet,caring,a good guy,there when i need him,
loyal,genial,out going,respectful,and has a pure heart and so on.
Eventhough I noticed that now a days love isnt as it used to be,such as the old generation
which had better love.I am also looking for an
old soul person.:)

I am a girl who could be girly,and i love the color pink.i am someone

who is very romantic,sweet,and some one who loves to cuddle i am very out going
and i also love to be active and i like to play sports such as volley ball,basketball,
swimming, wake boarding,surfing,and etc.i am also interested in nerdy guys but not too nerdy.I also like to read at times.How ever i am a calm person,but loves to do many things.I am looking
for someone out their worth my time,and ready
for real love.
I want some one that could understand me,also i am a neat person and a clean person.
simply i am a good girl,looking for a good guy.

I also love to listen to soft instrumental music(romantic,tango,salsa,etc)
I love playing on the piano,I also like listing to pop,country music.I like to cook and make something fun of my time.I love to dance(any type)everything is fun with the
right person right? :)

Some of my favorite quotes:

~Never ignore a person who loves you and cares for you,because one day you may realize
you lost the moon while counting the stars.
~Somewhere there is someone who dreams of your smile and finds your presence that life is worth wile,so when you feel lonely remember its true somebody somewhere is thinking of you.

~Without respect,love is lost.
With out caring,love is boring.
With out honesty,love is unhappy.
With out trust,love is unstable.

Contact me,if you find me someone like you,i wont bite.Even though my inbox is going to explode lol.


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That should be a surprise. (: