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Folsom, California
30 year old Mujer, 175cm, No religiosa
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Blanco/Caucásico, Aries
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Doctors office

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Acerca De Amber
Hey there! My names Amber. I am a funny nerdy girl. Im a little curvy (and no I am not using curvy as a nice way to call me obese) and wear braces.

I like all kinds of music, but techno and pop are my favorites. I enjoy playing video games, going to arcades, comic book conventions (I dress up) and I also like staying in with a movie and some beers. I love going to concerts (I dont care how good they are or what they play) I like going to parks and hanging out. Im pretty low key but know how to throw a ****in party. I also like to go out and dance.

I work for an eye doctor and I love every minute of my job. Even on my worst days I walk out smiling.

I am a passionate person. I am an independant person, but am open minded. I live alone.

I am just looking to date and have fun and if something serious starts then thats a bonus. I dont BS people. Im honest and say whats on my mind. I dont play games and dont expect men to know whats on my mind at all times, and then get mad at them that they dont.

I am looking for a nerdy genuinely nice guy that has their life in order. I understand if you are still figuring it out, but Im not looking to meet a bum. Dont make me feel like Im another notch in your bedpost, but also dont obsess over me. Im looking for someone that tries to have fun no matter where they are or how much money they have. I want a guy that doesnt embarrass easily, or get super angry if I embarrass them a little bit. I want someone that loves life and does what makes them happy.

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I would say something REALLY awkward? Such as, mini golf in the rain. It is like killing 3 birds with one stone. If you could actually get through it and want a second date, it shows you really like them,assures you it can only get better and makes a great story among you.