Age: 26
julia95608: will you be tough but gentle? :)
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No con Unos kilos de más tipo de cuerpo
Carmichael, California
23 year old Mujer, 163cm, Cristiana-Otra
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Blanco/Caucásico, Tauro
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looking for a job:(

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- First I would like to start out by saying, this used to be my friends profile which is why the name is Julia not Alex, My name is Alex. :)
- single!!
- I love to draw and write poems.
- I play the clarinet.
- I dress not to impress.
- Add me on kik- jayjay****666
- I have spider bites (yes the piercing) pics will be up soon!
- I love animals with a passion. The zoo is one of my favorite places!
- I currently dont have a job. I used to be a cook. Maybe I'll make you dinner :)
- I'm very sweet and I will do almost anything to make my partner happy. I am looking for a real man. I want a real relationship and I'm tired of little kid games.
-The way to my heart is a movie night where we watch Pitch Perfect, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Nightmare Before Christmas, Ginger Snaps and Drag Me To Hell. my 5 all time favorite movies :)
- I love the river, just watching the water is amazing.
- I do share this profile with my friend Leea, so if you wanna talk to her just message me asking for her. she is the girl in one of my pics with me.
- I have 3 tattoos on my back of my dogs name that I put down in March 2011. His name was Moses and he meant and still means the world to me, 1 on my right wrist on a music symbol that turns into a heart beat to symbolize that music makes my heart beat and 1 on my left wrist that's the word love with an equality sign in the o to symbolize that all love should be equal. I also have plans to get more tats in the near future once i get money to pay for them.
- I'm quiet at times but at others im very hyper.
- I love the letter 'Q'.
- I want to work with animals.
- I love most music, I play symphonic music on my clarinet. I listen to country with some friends and hip hop with others. just depends on my mood.
- Don't judge me on my past. I don't live there anymore. Its over, gone, never to ben seen again so get over it.
- Most people judge a book by its cover you will never find the perfect one if you do that. I want an honest guy that sees a girl for who she is, not just a sex toy.
- If you read all of this respond back with your favorite letter at the end of your message! :) :3

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we go and sit at the river, teach me to fish, mini golf, dinner, pool, PITCH PERFECT MOVIE NIGHT!, the zoo, walk in the park, idc as long as we get to talk. Spending time and learning about the other persons personality is whats important on the first date.

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