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Oakland, California
44 year old Mujer, 160cm, No religiosa
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Raza Mixta, Tauro
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Life is one big learning opportunity and I am a perpetual student of my own mistakes as well as my successes. Learning new things never ceases to entertain me. Ok maybe not so much the lessons learned the hard way- but I always learn something.

I am trying to meet someone closer to being on the page that I am on. A normal nice guy- who is intelligent, has a variety of his own interests, respects himself and others (*others includes women for anyone who is not clear on that). Is confident enough to hold a conversation at a party with some he just met. Can put up with the fact that my family dinners include a cast of characters and typically 4-5 family dogs (only one is mine). Pets are part of the family after all. Has some ground work laid out in his own life - i.e. a happy standard of living. I seem to suffer from appreciating the little kid in others (gets me every time)-but would like to have a relationship with a guy who is not immature, just also appreciates the kid within. I ultimately am looking to date someone who is fun to be around but has got the basic ground work established. I love funny guys who can tell great story make me laugh. The guy I want to spend my time with is comfortable with himself with his own healthy balance. Who can stay in as well as go out. Who has his own balance of wonderful characters in his life. Who is best friend material, someone you want to spend the long term with. Someone I can be honest and open with, laugh with, talk to for hours and is still growing as a person. The kind of person you could travel with, experience new adventures with but also stay home with. It’s a little chemistry, attraction, a lot of building a solid relationship fun. Not too much to ask for eh?

I believe: Laughter is the best medicine. You can teach an old dog, new tricks. If you volunteer, you will learn about yourself and others. Yosemite is AMAZING. Redwood trees are a treasure. Saying thank you is important. Everyone should know how to change a tire. Dinner, a glass of wine and great conversation is underrated. I should go to the gym way more than I do.

I try to be really open to new things-you never know what you are missing out on til you try it. I am busy - but I make time to do things I love and be with those I love (and like). I feel like a better person when I do yoga. I am creative but not an artist. Communication is the key. I believe in one complementing the other; figuratively literally. I believe in teamwork, working together, laughing together growing together. I would never call myself sporty but I do snowboarding and I own my own climbing harness/shoes but haven't used either in a LONG time. Some weird algorithm matches me constantly with man-o-rexic tri-athletes. I think a healthy balance sounds right.

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