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Well I ask myself, "why are these people here?". "Is there something wrong with them that they have to come to a dating site to meet people?". And then it occurs to me that there isnt anything WRONG with me. Im not perfect but im damn close! I treat men like kings, and im honest. loyal, caring, smart, everything a man could want, and IM HERE. So that blows my whole theory that there has to be something wrong with you, if your here. And I continue to seek the one for me.

"You are by far the sexiest best looking perfect size woman, any man that is lucky enough to be blessed by your gifts can say he's been with best there is on this planet no doubt about it, add to that the road you ve traveled and your strength you have in you the best plain and so clearly obvious, makes me think if the "who's song" lyric " I get excitement at your feet" that's some mighty powerful beauty you have to make that a truth".

Thats the nicest message if it could just come from my soul would all be simple now wouldnt it?

Im street, not ghetto...theres a difference.

I have a long hair fetish. I LOVE long hair on men. I know what I love and want. I see plenty of gorgeous men here with long hair, and they all live on the other side of the country...go figure. : (

I bet its the bald picture that got you, huh? Heres the scary part, that was the result of my having breast cancer 5 years ago. I KICKED ITS ASS, but I did lost a body part(OOPS) :-O lol. And since I was gonna lose my hair, I shaved my head, and gave it to the locks of love, an organization that makes wigs for cancer patients, that cannot afford to buy them. I now have beautiful ink flowers there. They made me feel pretty again. :)

How is someone gonna call themself "The Crab", when picking the fish on skeeerrrrrrrred of that!! LOL!

Is the glass half empty, or half full? I say its the wrong freaken size glass! lol


And you need to be at least 35 years old, to ride this ride...sorry. LOL!

Im half Cherokee Indian, and half Sicilian Italian,,,,its very hard to get me mad, but if you do,,,RUN!! LOL!

Im not looking for a "hook-up, nor do I want to get married this week, lol, somewhere in between would be good.

I think maturity is HIGHLY over-rated, unless the occasion calls for it! "I dont wanna grow up, im a "We be Toys, and Chit", kid!". LOL!

I wouldnt ask anyone, for anything, I couldnt give in return,,,that said, ive NEVER cheated on anyone, and never will, I dont get falling down drunk, and im not into one night stands, or drama.

I go to church on Sundays, and no, im not a "holy roller", im a "rock n roller", who very much believes in God, and has seen him perform miracles in my, and other peoples, lives. I LOVE singing in church!!"Rockin for the rock" is my only drug of choice. So if you do drugs, pass me by please. "Been there, done that, and nailed it shut!". Occasional c*cktails, (LMAO!! It wont let me type the word c*ck. Thats freaken hilarious!!) are great, and fun, especially if your dancing, or shooting pool.

I LOVE TO RIDE MOTORCYCLES! If you have one, hit me up, and lets ride!

Im a rocker, and my nickname is "Kitten", (No, im not a stripper, but I was offered the job! LOL!) but im allergic to cats..go figure???

I have a 4 legged daughter named "Boogie", and unless I marry into kids, or adopt, she will be my only child. She doesnt know shes a dog, shhhhhhhhh, dont tell her...hehehe.

I like all kinds of music, but primarily metal and rock, since thats what I enjoy singing the most. Im not a fan of "Reggae", so if thats a deal breaker, ill totally understand. LOL!

Ive sang in alot of rock bands, and have a CD out, that I recorded with a KILLER band, called "Secret Enterprise". The CD is called, "Nuthin but Scratches", and theres more of my stuff, on "Youtube". If you want to see my latest video, "End of Stick", go here...

I also have a published book of my poetry called, "Thoughts from Within".

I am a VERY silly, and funny person, talkative,(but I do listen) with an "off the wall" sense of humor!!! I like to laugh, and I laugh ALOT! I am a FUN date. Ive never had a "bad date", ill find a way to make it cool :)~. I can also be serious, when I need/have to be, but only then. lol.

What im looking for is a man, comfortable in his own skin, funny, affectionate, loyal, and kind, to date, and work towards a long term relationship. I dont think thats asking too much...I know your out there, somewhere, we just have to find each other, thats the hard part.

Im VERY affectionate, so if you dont like touching, or being touched im not the girl for you.I must hold hands, and sit close, and cuddle, and worship, my man, at all times. (And no, I wont embarrass you with too much P.D.A.)

I like surprising my man alot, and keeping things interesting, fresh, and new.

My ideal mate, is also my best friend, and we have alot in common. I dont understand the opposites attract thing, that totally escapes me.

Im going to school to be a "Substance Abuse Counselor". I am very good at not only achieving my own goals, but helping others to achieve theirs.

I did try being a prostitute, but the refunds killed me! LOL! Just kidding! : )~

The best description of me would be "leather and lace".


I love hard rock, and heavy metal music. When I sing, I like to go onstage, and gut myself for all the world to see, with my music.:-O I am very strong, and never afraid to get dirty. I have a potty mouth, but not in public.(I have class)I love wearing leather, and I love Harleys, and riding on the back of one. Or real fast in a convertible with the top open. I love wind in my hair!

~Lace~ Even though I am muscular, I am very curvy and womanly. I like anything romantic, candles, soft music, dresses, flowers, incense, and cuddling and kissing for hours, with that one special man.

And im a bit different...the first thing I notice are a man hands, or his hair. I find them very erotic, and beautiful.

This is a shortened version of my bio. If you would like to read it, in its entirety, email me, and I can send you to my "Facebook". All of my poetry is also there.

I cant wait to see, what im going to be, when, and if, I grow up....
maybe its with you. : )

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This one is easy. I would have you take me to my favorite Mexican food restaurant, for dinner, and margaritas. The portions are so big, 2 people can split one order, the atmosphere rocks, the people there are wonderful, and the food and margaritas are the best ANYWHERE!! Its also a nice place to talk while you dine, because its cozy, and not too loud.

If your a few bucks shy, we can just meet and talk.

"Money dont make no man,,,,heart, soul, and personality, do".

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