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Los angeles, California
43 year old Mujer, 163cm, Cristiana-Otra
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Negro, Leo
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I enjoy life's simple pleasures (a beautiful day, favorite songs, preparing a new recipe, watching the sunset), new adventures (i.e. skydiving, hiking, learning how to play a new sport, etc.), along with a variety of other activities. Since trying new and fun things may involve me having to step outside of my comfort zone, I am open to new experiences as long as the activities do not conflict with my core values. I enjoy spending time with family and friends doing just about anything- no matter how simple or exciting it may seem; this can range merely from spending the afternoon lounging and watching DVD's, listening to music (especially if it was originally released on vinyl), experimenting with cooking a new dish, learning Italian, going for walks, working out, browsing titles at bookstores (I do not own an e-reader...there's something about the feel of holding a printed book in my hands and turning the pages as a story unfolds), and playing board games to more active outings (bonfires at the beach, lunch in the park, bowling, driving up the coast, spa days, traveling/ weekend escapes). One of my true passions in life is teaching. I love my students as if they were my own children and just like a mother hen, I count to make sure each of them has arrived safely to school every morning and feel uneasy until everyone is in their seat or I can account for their location (in the event that they happen to be absent for the day). Recently, I have been devoting more time to volunteering where needed. Also, I am a beginner (I am serious- a BEGINNER in the sense, "What hole is this and what club do I use:) )golfer and tend to find that just being on the course is relaxing for me. Another interesting fact about me is I enjoy sending personal notes to those close to me- this is not to say that I do not engage in texting or emailing, but nothing conveys the feelings reflected in my message to someone when the words are handwritten on scented stationary. I am not the type of woman who will cheat herself by living vicariously through others; I like to experience life's pleasures first-hand. If I were to describe the perfect ambiance as I spend with that special person, it would be lounging in front of the fireplace in the winter, riding bikes and delighting in a picnic lunch in the spring, dining on the beach in the summer, visiting wineries along the Central Coast in the fall, and enjoying a candlelit meal with the city lights serving as a backdrop anytime of the year. I am reflective of all of the experiences life has brought me and as a result, my motto is "Seek out the positive aspects in all of life's events" and I truly live this way. I believe that the best relationships stem from solid friendships. I possess a high level of respect for myself and am looking for someone who feels the same way about himself. There is so much more I look forward to sharing about myself and if we turn out to be a true match, you definitely will find out...:)

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I must admit, I have had some wonderful, original, and memorable first dates that gentlemen have planned without any suggestions from me. They have ranged from a comfortable, casual meeting to an extravagant, adventurous experience. Instead of going into detail, I rather that you just be yourself when planning it and let our personalities set the tone...

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