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No con Normal tipo de cuerpo
Tampa, Florida
31 year old Hombre, 180cm, Cristiana-Otra
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Blanco/Caucásico, Tauro
kelbot25 quiere salir pero nada serio.
Algunos estudios Técnicos
Amante de los animales
Employee health/pet sitter/dog walker

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I am into a lot of different things but for the most part I love to longboard. It's relaxing to me. I love going to a park and just walking/running the trail. I'd much rather go to a river than I would like a beach but I'm down for both. I don't mind sitting in and watching a movie but I won't do it all that time, variety is important to me.

My Tastes in music are simple: I LIKE EVERYTHING! Or at least have the capacity to like it all although I will admit that I typically don't like "underground". Its underground because its awful, not because they are "fighting mainstream".

Fun facts:
-I am a big kid. I like to climb things and I play. But that doesn't mean I don't know how to be mature when it is necessary.
-I have a big variety of pets and I love them all.
-I'm sarcastic and may come off as harsh on here but I'm really very agreeable!
-I sometimes over-explain myself.
-I am an empathist without a doubt.
-I am very affectionate.
-A horseshoe crab is the only species of animal on this planet with green blood.

I really wish the "My Matches" section would actually work on some actual algorithm that could pinpoint who would actually be a good match instead of "Ohm you both live near Tampa? Guess it was destined to be!"

Funniest requirement I've seen on here: "Must love Lil' Wayne."

If most of your pictures show off your tits, chances are you're lacking personality and are compensating for the lack thereof. And then you whine about people messaging you "dtf"? What did you think you'd attract? Show some modesty!

Not sure who told you that duck lips were attractive but they were wrong...

Also, if you're holding drinks in all of your pictures its really not classy. Sorry to break it to you.

For the love of GOD, don't click yes on the "Meet me" section if you don't intent to respond to a message from me.

Not offended? Still here? Excellent! That message box at the bottom isn't very far from where you're at now...why not drop a line or five? ^__^

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