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Dont hate on me because I dont like sports, I am trying to be honest for anyone who might be intrested.

If your reading this then I guess my picture got your attention, now let me work on the rest of you. If you were to ask me what my idea of happiness is, it would sound something like this. Going to bed and waking with my lover and enjoying all life has to offer. Simple enough for you lol. Material possesions are nice but most cant hold you at night. I am not looking for someone who is boring, because that might just bring me down. And I like my weird nervous twitch way of life.It entertains me to say the least. I would rather have a friend for life then a lover for the time being.

As I am sure you can tell I am a odd ball, but thats ok I am not one of the sheeple. (sheeple lol:) you know that was funny) I dont believe in God because the truth slaps my in the face everyday. If you care to know more about that just let me know. But then religion is silly lol Is it so hard to use common sense an do the right thing? I know way back in the day when mankind were more apelike l we needed guidance an to be told what to do. I see religions like different gangs, none of them get along, they are always fighting over whos better, you know of all the religious wars I speak of! and they make money of us when they can. Crazy comparison I know, but when you think about it lol.

I am all for staying fit through activities, I just feel that sports players get paid too much money for an unessacery skill. And to even be more honest I dont care much for the mentality of thier fans either.A little to Limited for me. I am not mentioning this to be a **** lol I just have never sat through a game of any kind and I should let anyone I might meet know that. On the other hand MMA I absolutly love G.S.P is my guy lol

I have been hurt more times than I care to remember.But my mom gave me the ticket so I must take the ride. Im not going to lie i would love to find someone to share my life with . FYI meaningful conversation is a must. Please dont write me if your looking for some dumb broad. I have to have someone who is equally if not smarter than me. To know me is to love and fear me LOL. I am an artist in every sense of the word. So my style and ways seem odd to most but normal to the gifted:)The government all governments are here to control us like sheep and if you dont know that then dont waste your time writing me. Yes I can be an ***hole, but at the same time sweet as candy. Thats enough about me, If you want to meet someone you will never forget, drop a line.
One more very important thing. For some silly reason you can not state that your looking for men and female friends:( Not fair to the Bi community if you ask me.
But all even trannys are welcome to contact me. I am user friendly LOL

So if any real females,men or anything in between lol want a decent person to connect with just write back

dont take any guff of the tourists RIP H.S.T

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We could go to starbucks look into the window point make fun an laugh at all those idiots, who waste money on such a enexspensive product, Or hold up a liquer store to get the old blood pumping lol, Or take a picnic to the the beach

I am diverse lol

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