Dimmuemperor: Looking for the Right one (Who isnt....HA)
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Rapid city, South Dakota
32 year old Hombre, 170cm, Otra
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Blanco/Caucásico, Virgo
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I cant really Say I have any hobbies, except walking alot, and or on this dumb computer...Music would be a large one, Can animals be a hobby? O_o. I am what you would call "gothic" apparently, since people like to subject people for looks and dressing code, and yet I am still myself, and it makes me no different than that average Joe, or the slum down the street. So judge me as you wish, but I am like any other person who lives on this earth, just acting differently and making smarter choices in life at most times.

I also play games galore to pass by the time because there is nothing else to do in this bum **** Egypt place. Meh; yet again theoretically everywhere can be boring and dull and bum**** Egypt. Oh wells. Never the less, I guess I'm a weird person, all that it comes down too, I cant really describe myself \: Because I could be Shy as **** (YEA A GUY WHO IS SHY ha!) or Someone who can never shut up? Some one who just nervous and just does sh*tto kill the nervousness and freak people out \: Oh well. If you want to know anything ask; I'm like a open book o,o will answer anything I guess because I have nothing to hide \: anywho....nuff about updating this and other things. Wanna know ask...I'm better at answering questions then freaken typing away about my boring ass life o,o

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Anything really, long as your with the person eh? Dont need to spend a dime to have fun if you know what you are doing. Hell...if it even happens that is.