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Tracy (central valley, ca), California
39 year old Weiblich, 168cm, Andere
Lateinamerikanisch, Widder
harle_quinn möchte eine beziehung.
Government Employee

Current color, half black, half pixie

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Über Andrea
If you ask my name, you didn't read this...names Drea btw.
If you lie about the littlest things, don't send me a message.
I'm sure by now your tired of these typical profiles, but I'm not your typical woman. I'm a mother and now a proud grandmother too. I raised my children on my own and only have one teenager left in my home.

I'm straight forward most of the time- I am pretty much chill, laid back, hard working and a mommy (most of them grown).

I am not here for one night stands, sorry... Not interested. I'm not on here daily so, I apologize if it takes me days to respond.

I'm a thick girl trimming down....but will always love the solid curves I was blessed with. It's okay, it's not for everyone. Truth - I once weighed over 300lbs. - I am a highly active woman and will surprise you with my stamina, endurance and drive. All photos are pretty recent and I'm proud of who I am. If you don't like me now - you wont enjoy the results later... When I achieve my goals.

Don't think by looking at me you got me figured out - trust me its not that simple. I am so SIM-plex - if that was a word.

I love music (always playing something) and love well Harley Quinn (no not the new Suicide Squad version! uggghhh)
I am a jack of all trades, massive skills and crafty lady - which is why I am a photographer on the side. (yea I own my own photography company).

If you are still interested - look below how to find me or hit me a message- otherwise happy fishing!!

And guys please don't ask for inappropriate photos, favors or whatever's.... I am a woman with integrity and honor.... so not going to happen.

Gesprächsstarter (z.B. Was möchten Sie beim ersten Date machen...)
Conversation starter?
Try looking at my Snapchat: harle_quinn, or Instagram @ Harlesphotography....That will give you some ideas