BreezLG: call me maybe
Nein mit Sportlich statur
San jose, California
31 year old Weiblich, 175cm, Nicht religiös
Hellhäutig, Waage
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Konsumieren Sie Alkohol? Gesellschaftlich Möchten Sie Kinder? Möchte Kinder
Familienstand Single Nehmen Sie Drogen? Nein
Haarfarbe Blond Augenfarbe Blau
Haben Sie ein Auto? Ja Haben Sie Kinder? Nein
Längste Beziehung Über 3 Jahre
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Über Mich
I am a fun-loving, hard working woman looking for some new cool people to hang out with!

My family and I are really close, I love my job, I love the beach, I love to workout- run. hike, crossfit, basketball, bike ride... whatever. I love music and movies, wine and good food, and the occasional night out on the town :)

I am looking for someone who is funny with personality! And sorry guys, but if you can't spell or use proper grammar I probably won't respond. Intelligence, success and leading an active lifestyle are key qualities that I am attracted to. Oh and to be straight up I probably won't date a guy on here that has the "this is my hot body in the bathroom mirror" myspace-ish pictures.

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You tell me!