Vandalina: Looks fade but the crazy stays! :)
Nein mit Durchschnitt statur
I.e., California
37 year old Weiblich, 152cm, Neuzeitlich
Asiatisch, Schütze
Vandalina möchte eine beziehung.
Hoffnungloser Romantiker
Customer service, PHD in relaxation.

classic car pic.

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Haarfarbe Braun Augenfarbe Braun
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Längste Beziehung Über 1 Jahr
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Über Mich
I'm looking for someone to share the things I enjoy doing. I want to be with someone I adore but not be my entire life's breath. I'd like to stay who I am and have that person I can come home to and love and take care of. We should be able to talk about our lives, ideals and goals. Most importantly is communication, communication of what makes us happy, what excites us and what's making us feel sad or down. No judgement and no stress. I would like someone emotionally secure and aware of themselves. Someone that can have fun with me and my friends and in turn I would be happy to hang out with his.

My friends would describe me as a fun loving kind of girl. I have tons of energy and you'll often times find me hanging out with my friends at a coffee shop, movies, restaurant, lounges/bars for a couple of drinks, hiking, at a concert, or a quick weekend getaway to San Diego. Although I like my time out I often like to stay in and watch movies and relax. I love random conversations about nothing but also love deep one on one conversations.

I love massages and anything that involves relaxing. I tell my friends that I have a PhD in!

I also have been described as being a very good friend, i'm always there for them for support and there's nothing I wouldn't do for them. My music tastes are varied I like Jazz, classical, Pop, Hip Hop, Reggae, Spanish Rock, electronica and house. By the way I'm an excellent dancer, just a little known fact about me.

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We're all different so let's see what works.

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