Toria83: Hello Gentlemen!!
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San francisco, California
34 year old Weiblich, 178cm, Katholisch
Gemischt, Waage
Toria83 aktiv auf der suche nach einer beziehung.

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Über Mich
I would like to find someone to spend the rest of my life with.. I am looking for someone who is willing.. Willing to try.. Willing to learn.. Willing to live with a smile while laughing at good and bad times... I have a career in the airline industry no not in the air I love my family my mom too much to always be gone from her... I have no kids but I try to take care of everyone it's in my nature.. I love music I write sing and rap.. I love fashion and food and working on an empire that involves all my passions!! Want more come ask away I am open to questions all day long!! BTW I'm learning Tagalog!

PS I live in a world where you get what you give and give what you get..

Gesprächsstarter (z.B. Was möchten Sie beim ersten Date machen...)
First dates I love just hitting up a bowling alley or even an arcade just something where we can get to know each other without having to worry about being so serious at first. Save the romanticals for when we know each other and you really feel like you want to romance me. No drama, no stress, just you and me and fun!! All though flowers would be a nice way to win points! =)

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