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Single Gay Men: Join Now


Looking for other single gay men? Well, look no further! Searching for a gay relationship has never been easier. With Plenty of Fish, you can filter, search, swipe, and use our matching algorithm to find the best dates. Using the unique details in your dating profile, our matching algorithm connects you with the most compatible gay singles. We know, it definitely is a dating game changer. If you’re needing a dating breather and a relationship isn’t in the cards right now? You can still continue to build those connections using Live! until you’re ready to get out there again.

Now, you may catch yourself thinking “why can’t I find a boyfriend?” or “why am I single af?”. Don’t worry; you’re not alone and we’re here to help you out. Here are some ways you can put yourself out there and be more open to new gay dating opportunities:

  1. Join a LGBTQ+ sports team or group
  2. Go to gay bars
  3. Be open to people outside of your “type”
  4. Keep your eyes peeled wherever you are
  5. Put those good vibes out there—online and IRL!

No matter where you are in the dating game, we think you’re doing great! Don’t bother typing in, “gay looking for a long-term relationship,” on the web, the POF app has got you covered! The gay dating stages you may find yourself in depends on what you’re looking for. We know it’s easier said than done, but patience is key. Also, don’t forget to have fun with the process! And remember: it’s not only about finding someone who likes you for you, it’s also for you to find someone that’s best for you and treats you right. Put yourself first—always.

Alright, so now you’re feeling confident and know what you want, what’s next? That’s where we come in! POF is here to help you connect with who you’re looking for. Plenty of Fish is one of the largest dating apps and websites. With thousands of active singles, you’ll definitely be able to find some great gay dates. On POF, you can date your way and do what you’re comfortable with—text, video chat, voice chat, and more.

POV: you’re talking to a guy who you’re into and now it’s time to plan your first date. Don’t panic. Here are some gay date ideas to set the mood for a great time:

  1. Go out for coffee (or take your coffee to-go and walk around)
  2. Cook dinner together
  3. Go to a workout class
  4. Have a games night
  5. Go for a hike
  6. Have a picnic
  7. Bar hop around your favorite spots
  8. Hit up a local drag show
  9. Learn something new
  10. Take them to your fave restaurant

Det er vores mål at gøre onlinedating sjovt igen. Vi byder singler fra alle slags baggrunde velkommen og tilbyder tonsvis af måder at finde sammen på. Det er sådan, dating burde være.
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Det er vores mål at gøre onlinedating sjovt igen. Vi byder singler fra alle slags baggrunde velkommen og tilbyder tonsvis af måder at finde sammen på. Det er sådan, dating burde være.

Spil Cue'd Up

"Er du sikker"-funktionen kan hjælpe dig med at sende pinlige beskeder.

Vi gør det sjovere at møde nye singler med vores nye, frække udfyld-hullerne-spil. Gør det mere afslappet at lære hinanden at kende, inden I stryger den ene eller den anden vej. Sådan fungerer det:

  • Vi scanner dine beskeder for potentielt stødende ord – fx seksuelle undertoner, stødende emojis, etc.
  • Se svarene, og giv lidt opmærksomhed til dem, der fik dig til at grine. Svarene med flest "synes godt om" får point
  • Stryg til højre på den spiller, der fangede din interesse, og begynd en samtale

Sådan fungerer det:

Plenty of Fish har én mission: At skabe forbindelser mellem så mange singler som muligt ved at tilbyde online-oplevelser med en afslappet stemning, hvor de rigtige folk lægger mærke til hinanden. Det er derfor, vi byggede vores enestående datingteknologi: Kemi, Indikator og Personlighed-testen, som er indbygget i hjemmesiden.

Det er vores mål at gøre onlinedating sjovt igen. Vi byder singler fra alle slags baggrunde velkommen og tilbyder tonsvis af måder at finde sammen på. Det er sådan, dating burde være.

Er du klar? Det er nemt nok

Create a profile
Create a profile
Here’s where the magic starts! The more we know about you, the better we can match you with the right singles. Take your time & be thorough.
Upload Quality Photo
Upload Quality Photo
Seriously! This is the number one thing you can do to increase your chances of finding a great date. Make sure to include at least 4 photos that show the real you!
Take the Pledge<br />& Find Dates!
Take the Pledge
& Find Dates!
  1. a. Take the Pledge to be safe & respectful
  2. b. Head over to Live! to start finding dates
Blind Date with NextDate
Blind Date with NextDate
  1. a. Navigate to the Live! tab on the bottom right
  2. b. Hit “Go Live!” and then tap the heart icon at the bottom left of your screen to start NextDate
  3. c. Tap the heart icon again to switch into Blind Date Mode and wait for someone to join your date!

Making the first move is proven to increase your chances of finding a date. Our advice is to keep it light and start with a mutual interest, such as...you know it, HOW YOU”RE BOTH SINGLE AND GAY!

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