Block User

To block a user from contacting you:

You must have a message from them in your inbox. Open the conversation with the user you wish to block, and click on the Block User link in the thread, located next to the reply box. (On the apps, it can be found in the drop down menu when viewing the message.)

Note, the option to block a user is not available on mobile web browsers. If you are using a mobile device but are unable to log in using the app, can click on "Menu" and then select "Switch to Desktop site”, and then follow the instructions above.

After you block a user, they will still be able to search for your profile but they will not be able to contact you.

To unblock a user:

Open any conversation in your inbox and click Users I Blocked on the right side of the page. The click Unblock User next to the username of the person you wish to unblock.

If a user has blocked you:

You will not be able to send them a message.

- You may be blocked from messaging a user if you do not meet the criteria they specified in their Mail Settings.

Report User

If a user is interfering with your experience on POF:

You can report them for investigation. When a user is reported, our team carefully investigates their account for suspicious activity. All reports are strictly confidential.

To report a profile for breaking our terms and conditions, you will need to be logged in.

• You can report a user on the web ( by clicking on the Report User link at the very bottom of their profile page. The text says "Report User".
• You can report a user via the iPhone or Android apps by clicking "Report User" on the drop down menu (accessed via the menu symbol at top right of the screen) when viewing the profile you wish to report.

You can report a user on POF for the following reasons:

  • Abusive user
  • Incomplete/Nonsense Profile
  • Indecent Images
  • Copyright/Cartoon Images
  • Underage User
  • Scammer (Money / Phishing)
  • Promoting/Selling Stuff

To report a user for a fake profile or fraud:

If you have an account on POF:

Please login and use the "Report User" when looking at their profile.

If you do NOT have an account on POF:

Please email your report to [email protected] and include the details of your report. Please don't forget to provide the exact username or a web link to the profile in question.

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