Edit Image

To update your main image:

Next to the image you want to make your main image, click on Make Main Image.

To enter a caption for your image:

Click the image, then add the text you want to include in the speech bubble that says Type caption here.

To update an image’s thumbnail:

Click the image, then drag the selector over the area you wish to have as your thumbnail. The thumbnail will show up in the preview box. Then click Save.

To crop your images:

Sorry, images must be cropped before they are uploaded.

To make images private:

Next to the image, use the drop-down to go from Public Image to Private Image.

Please note: this feature is not meant to bypass our image guidelines. If you upload inappropriate content to POF, your image uploading privileges will be permanently revoked.

To remove an image from your profile:

Click Images on the menu, and click the trash can located next to the image you want to delete.

To ensure that your images are successful on POF:

Upload images of yourself having fun, and enjoying different activities! Smile, and do your best to look friendly in your photos.

  • Include at least one headshot and one body shot
  • Switch up your main image periodically

To learn more about how to attract the most local singles with images on your POF profile, click here.

Images including the following will be removed and may result in your image uploading privileges being revoked, even if the image is private:

  • Nudity
  • Celebrity images
  • Cartoon images
  • Trademarked images
  • Joke pictures
  • Images that do not show your face
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