Santasgirlfriend: Santa's my boyfriend...........
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Boston harbor, Washington
49 year old Kvinna, 163cm, Katolik
Vit, Skorpion
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health professional

Christmas 2012

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Behovstest Visa hans förhållandebehov Kemi Visa hans kemiresultat
Dricker du alkohol? I sociala sammanhang Vill du ha barn? Vill inte ha barn
Civilstånd Frånskild Använder du droger? Nej
Hårfärg Brunt Ögonfärg Gröna
Har du bil? Ja Har du barn? Alla mina barn är över 18
Längsta förhållandet Över 10 år
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Om Mig
If there’s one thing I hope you notice about me, beyond my smile and bright eyes, it’s my passion for living the life I want. I’m generally very calm and collected, and at those times when I’m not, I throw away the can’ts and channel my positive energy into figuring out a way to make the impossible possible.

If you haven't guessed it already, I’m incredibly hardworking and determined, but still extremely fun loving, outgoing, and a bit of a prankster (yes, I’m the woman who’s waiting for you to leave your shoes unattended so she can switch them out with red-feathered leopard-print slippers). I’ve lived all over the US with my humor intact, a strong sense of family, and the knowledge of who I am and what I hope to do with my life. Through my trials and tribulations I have obtained the knowledge and appreciation of what’s important in life: my two amazing kids,my dog Ellie, the loyalty of friends, the sound of laughter, and genuine appreciation of the simple things. I am the type of person who can have and make fun out of anything. I enjoy most all music music and love to dance.

As for the man I’m looking for, I’m not going to demand he be some sort of Hugh Jackman or James Bond, but I am looking for someone who takes care of himself and makes me forget about everyone else in the room. He’s very laidback and easy to please, full of energy no matter whether we’re spending the day fixing up the yard and then watching some TV, curled up on the couch, or we’re out with friends, drinking and watching a football game. All in all I just want a man who shares a lot of my same traits (honesty, compassion, loyalty, and an open mind), who’s love and devotion will keep me grounded, balanced, and content for a lifetime and beyond.

Konversationsstartare (t.ex. vad du vill göra på första dejten ...)
KISS...First dates are simple. It just involves some imagination and information about the person you are meeting. I like to meet in sports club and talk, relax, and discuss whatever comes to mind at the time.