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Shari & Pedro
the best of friends
Our first get-together was meant to just be a quick lunch to see if we would want to have an actual date. We agreed to meet for lunch and had just assumed it would last about an hour, at the end of which we would either part ways or schedule our first actual date. Our one hour lunch ended up lasting 11 hours. We just couldn't stop talking to each other. In April, we had been dating 3 months and still talked constantly. Pedro got a job offer with a company in Denmark. He asked me to move with...  Read More
Married 12/2013
cleide lucia de castro & alcir oliveira
Entrei no POF para me descontrair, brincar um pouco e conhecer pessoas para pate papo, mas fui surpreendida com o amor.... sim.... encontrei a pessoa que imagina não existir ou, que seria incapaz de encontra-la... mas, aconteceu, estamos apaixonados e felizes... .. sempre add pessoas distantes de minha cidade, porque não tinha interesse em conhecer ninguém pessoalmente, evitava pessoas da minha cidade.... então visitava vários estados.... e parei em São Paulo .... e meu amor, esta vindo...  Read More
Elizabeth & Daniel
This is my fish.
I was convinced he wasn't old enough, that I'd been on enough horrible dates that week, that if I was vague but polite he would get the hint and I might be able to brush him off eventually. But he was sweet and he was persistent. So I eventually agreed to meet. I am not a subscriber to "love at first sight" but the instant I laid eyes on him I knew he would play a meaningful role in my life. It somewhat floored me. We dated weekly after that, always planning the next date shortly after the last...  Read More
Married 5/2014
Sarah & Anthony
Thanks POF
We met on POF in 2011, talked online for about 2 weeks before going on 4 dates. He asked me out and 1 year later he put a ring on it! Now we've been married 3 weeks. Thanks POF
Married 7/2014
Mallory & Keith
Who would've thought?
Keith lived in San Francisco when he messaged me and I was in Los Angeles. He randomly searched girls in LA because he liked blondes and apparently there aren't too many in San Francisco. He came across my profile and messaged me. He ended up driving down to LA for 5 days and we explored the city together. We were long distance for about 3 months then I relocated to San Francisco and moved in with him. We both just got a new place together and Keith proposed on our 1 year anniversary. We are get...  Read More
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