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Brianda & Matthew
Truely meant to be!
I first messaged Matt in February of 2013. I was getting tired of having no luck in my general area so I decided I should expand my search. I expanded my search to up to 200 miles away. I lived in California and Matt lived in Nevada *way more than 200 miles away!* Matt's profile was the first to show up and after reading his page I messaged him thinking I would never hear back. Boy was I wrong! He wrote me back and we talked online for a while then started to text message and talk on the phone. ...  Read More
Mae & Martin
Martin501 & SexxySingle
Martin and I just was right for each other from the first date... it was inevitable.
Married 10/2013
Leah & Steven
The Weirdest Epic Love Story... EVER!
Somehow, we found each other at about the same time. It's unclear who messaged whom first, but I know this: His smile and eyes had me breathless and I hadn't even seen him past 2D. He was drawn to me because I'm a ginger. I know this for a fact. :) We talked for a while and made plans to see each other, and then I got sick. Really sick with ovarian cancer. So I fell off the face of the planet. Amazingly, God let us reconnect after I was feeling better- again, on POF- and then this time HE...  Read More
Adam & Rebekah
All you need is love!
I was coming to Fort Myers to start a new life. She had just gotten out of a relationship a few months ago. Both of us skeptical of what to expect with this, we proceeded with caution. The first time we spoke was around midnight and we had an interesting conversation. I don't think we ever really decided to call each other again, but out the blue she contacted me to wish me a Happy Easter (even though I was After that we spoke and decided to meet at Starbucks, (her favorite plac...  Read More
Married 9/2013
Claire & Paul
We are engaged!
I just wanted to personally say a huge 'Thankyou' to Plenty of Fish for your amazing website. An opera singer and a chemist are an unlikely match- how on earth would we have met without you?! We met in 2009- we have now bought a beautiful house together and are planning our wedding on 10th May 2014. Paul proposed at the top of the Shard on a beautifully clear and sunny day. Thankyou so much for helping us to find each other!
Married 5/2014
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