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Claudia & Lance
Lance and Claudia
Lance approached me through POF when I had just gotten out of a very unsuccessful six month relationship so I was gun shy. He kept up the chase in such a nice way, we talked through text and phone for two months then finally met. I have never been so compatible with anyone in my life. I am so thankful for POF being the vehicle in which I met the love of my life. We split up for a short time but then got back together and got married. We knew this was it and that we were meant to be together. Onl...  Read More
Married 8/2013
Jennie & Steven
Thanks to POF we said "I Do!"
I'd like to say thank you to POF for giving me the opportunity to find my soulmate! After 7 years alone, I never thought I'd meet anyone, let alone marry again! Here I year to the day from our first meeting, we got married two weeks ago, and we are so happy! We just wish we'd met sooner, but we have lots to look forward to, and look forward to sharing the rest of our lives together! I say don't knock it, till you try never know what's around the corner!
Married 10/2013
Kristen  & daniel
Daniel and I met in April of 2009. My friends made me a POF account as a joke after my first "real" boyfriend had broken my heart. I got online to delete my POF account because the e-mails were overflowing my college e-mail account. I saw Daniel was my one of my top matches and so I messaged him and said "Hi. :)" We texted back and forth fo about 24 hours.Little did I know the next day I was going to meet my best friend and partner for life. We have been inseparable ever since we met. On our fir...  Read More
To Be Married 4/2011
Jenna & Daniel
True Love does exist <3
It was July 2012 and I had been single for nearly two years and was starting to think I was never going to find Mr Right. Then after being told about it by a friend I decided to take the plunge and check out Plenty of Fish. After a few months of messaging and meeting a few who were not my Mr Right I was close to giving up when in September I came across Daniel's profile, having read through and looking at his photographs I decided to send him a message to say Hi! Within no time at all I got a re...  Read More
Jessica & Joshua
Perfect match
From the moment and I met I knew I would be with him. Neither of us are perfect but I truly believe we are perfect together and for each other. We are best friends and we are so in love! I was never one to try online dating but I'm glad I did. I really lucked out with meeting Josh and I am so blessed! Thank you POF for helping me find my soulmate and best friend.
Married 10/2013
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