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karista & Brittany
I have found the most beautiful girl...She is amazing and we are married happily...thanks yall
To Be Married 12/2012
Carrie & Matt
We met online and started talking... and talking... and talking, like we were best friends! And after about a week, we decided we needed to meet and it was great! He brought me flowers and candy for our first date and we spent the whole night talking and laughing! We have pretty much spent every evening with each other since then! He thinks I'm a hippy and I think he's a nerd... and it works!!! :) We met in April, and in December we decided that we spend so much time together, that we mig...  Read More
Married 10/2014
True Love is Real! We're Living Proof.
There really is no fancy or elaborate story about how we met on the streets of France after bumping into each other, spilling our coffee on the other, and then helping each other pick up our dropped belongings. We met right here on Plenty Of Fish; that's all there is to it. "You have beautiful eyes...I'm TJ." Tom sent me this simple message on towards what would have been my last few days on the site. I had given up on it as I just was not meeting anyone I really clicked with or was attracted to...  Read More
Married 5/2014
Lorraine & Lee
True Love
We met on line fell in love and are planning on getting married next year. Thank you POF :)
Married 8/2014
Jamie & Tommie
Finally found the one!
How is it that two people the same age, can live in the same town their whole lives, grow up in neighboring neighbor hoods, attend rival high schools, have the exact same interests and never meet? I dated guy that I had met in bars, at the gym and other dating sites and just never felt that special chemistry. I was starting to feel like I never would and maybe relationships were just not for me. It was around Christmas of 2011 that I was done feeling sorry for myself and being alone. So I dec...  Read More
Married 4/2014
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