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Leanne & Mike
I feel so blessed to have found Mike on this site I had given up on everything . When I first met him I new he was the one .
To Be Married 8/2012
Mateka & rekob
Love of My Life
Like myself , my husband had joined pof as a suggestion of a friend. I had been on here for a while and even deleted my account a time or two. After the last time i deleted and reopened my account I recived a message from Reko. I was hesitant at first because a lot of encounters on here seemed to be men lying and wasting time. I finally returned the message we had a lot in common. He went through great efforts to shoe me that he was interested. We exchanged numbers , planned to meet and we have...  Read More
Married 9/2013
Sara & Martyn
Have faith!
I first started talking to Martyn on here ages ago it seems now! I thought I'd give POF a go as a friend was on it to, but to be honest I didn't take it very seriously as it was for free (I had been on others previously that were pay per month with no success). We first started talking in November and over Christmas, and thanks to Martyns perseverance we met in January. I'd actually deleted my POF account not long after we first started talking because I had given up, but luckily I'd already...  Read More
Star & Victor
He saved me :)
Well let me say I was worried about dating sites but I wanted to look for someone out of my town. This was my 1st time using a dating site and I liked it. I must say I was only on here 3 weeks before I met my wonderful man. I signed up in Aug. The funny part is I only put 25 miles away and he lived 155 miles away! We came across each others profile at the same time and I did send the 1st message and said Hi... Victor is his name and we talked quite a bit online for weeks then I gave him my cell ...  Read More
Married 3/2013
Jennifer & Ryan
Happiest relationship of my life. We have a lot in common, but enough different to keep it interesting. We kept everything low key, low pressure, and our relationship grew organically. I needed time to really learn to trust another partner again. Giving the other person the benefit of the doubt - that we're both kind, well-intentioned people - was and is key. We laugh together a lot, and try to be really attentive about treating each other's time, opinions, and needs with respect.
Married 9/2013
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