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Amber & Malcolm
Malcolm and Amber
We first talked for a few days, then planned to meet. We went on a few dates, Mikuni's, the movies, walked around Downtown Sacramento where he showed me the Capital after kissing me. We began our relationship in early December 2011, and we have came a long way, and now are happier than ever, we plan to be married next summer, in 2014.
Lidi & Marty
I fished a good one
I had my doubts about meeting my husband online. But I was open to possibilities. Its been almost 6 years and I'm very happy.
To Be Married 4/2011
Darci & Alex
We hit it off like we knew each other for years! We both warned the other that we are really shy when we first meet someone, but you would've never guessed that by how much we talked right away! We 'watched' two movies that first night, but I couldn't tell you what they are about because we were too busy talking! Alex and I were made for each other. We are able to be ourselves completely. He proposed on our anniversary doing what we love best, being kids!
Married 9/2014
Jean-Roch & Mercy
POF Lovers
I was skeptical to fine love of my life on line after trying online for so many years. I decided I will gave POF a last chance. After reading many profile. I saw a profile of one lady who keep me all my attention, I sent her two notes, hoping she will respond to me. Finally after one month she wrote me back. I knew almost instantly some special between us but we were so fare of each other. She was a resident of Hong Kong and I’m living in Canada. After chatting on POF, Yahoo messenger and ...  Read More
Sherry & Gary
Sigh...After a long and uneventful search, I have finally found my ultimate CATCH! Gary has changed my world and my life for the best! I never want to be without him! I LOVE him so much! He is an ANGEL sent from above! I look forward to a wonderful future with him! Thank you POF for being there and helping me find...the ultimate CATCH!!! The Catch I stand in a wonderful, beautiful light That beacons my heart more closely each night Her words of sweetness stir my desire And images of love ...  Read More
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