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Sherry & Gary
Sigh...After a long and uneventful search, I have finally found my ultimate CATCH! Gary has changed my world and my life for the best! I never want to be without him! I LOVE him so much! He is an ANGEL sent from above! I look forward to a wonderful future with him! Thank you POF for being there and helping me find...the ultimate CATCH!!! The Catch I stand in a wonderful, beautiful light That beacons my heart more closely each night Her words of sweetness stir my desire And images of love ...  Read More
Britani  & Trenton
Love at first click
When I first saw Trent on pof, I was actually on a hang-out type of date at a potential romantic interests home using the internet while he was playing some video games. I was thinking to myself: "I am not feeling this guy at all" while over at his home. He turned out to be a great friend though! Right after I saw Trent, my heart literally had little lightning stikes and after I saw his profile I knew he was someone I could be with for a long time. His profile picture was just his face, a cute f...  Read More
Christina & Bobbi
Love was only a province away
September 2010 I was back into the game of trying to find someone to be friends with and hopefully more. At the time I was living in Quebec and logged back into POF to try and find some locals. After numerous attempts and dates I figured I would stretch my searches at least a province away and see what happens. I then can across this girl and her write up about herself made me smile, so I messaged her a simple " I just read your profile and had the need to say hi". We hit it off with back and f...  Read More
Married 8/2013
Brandi & Matthew
Fairy tale
We met instantly connected and BOOM! We moved in and are now engaged! We have so much in common. I never thought I'de find him here! I am forever grateful! Thanks POF!
Alecia & Lee
I finally married my best friend!
We were both on POF for awhile before we started dating each other. We had a rocky start at first and then all the sudden, things just started clicking. I've never met anyone who I can have a conversation with about everything and anything and do absolutely nothing and still be happy. We've been through some rough times since we've been together but we've gotten through each and every one of them with the help of God who has seen us through so much. I thank God for bringing us together and i'...  Read More
Married 3/2013
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