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Hazel & Zach
Two peas in a pod!
We were just two people who were looking for a serious relationship. Tired of being used and tossed aside. He was in the military when we first met and I was a senior in high school. He was about to give up on the online dating. I am very thankful he didn't! When we went on our first date, about two weeks after we started talking, we instantly clicked. And it just escalated from there! No matter how many people tell you online dating is bad or wrong or you meet weird people, they are wrong. Sure...  Read More
Beckah & Chris
I met the most wonderful man of my life that I wished I could have found years ago. When I first joined POF I met a few people, but they where not for me. One day cmdford sent me a message saying he liked my profile. I sent a message back. Then we began communicating for a couple of weeks by texting. That progressed so then we bagan communicating by phone. We would talk all the time for hours on out. Finally we decided we wanted to meet. One Friday afternoon he came to my house and we went on a ...  Read More
Married 11/2013
Gabrielle & Rick
Rick messaged me on a Sunday night in mid October. We texted back and forth that week and made plans to have our first date on Friday the 13th, I'm not superstitious but I think it all was meant to be. Since that first date we have been by each others side more so than not. The first couple of months in to our relationship it revolved around our common interests, football, friends, food, family, and movies to name a few. Our relationship progressed quickly, we had our kids meet each other a...  Read More
Married 10/2013
Rick & Karen
The SoulMate Journey
It was electric from the first date....which Rick decided was 5 we experienced many events in one day. Through POF we felt comfortable and got to know each other...getting to the stage of talking on the phone and then comfortable enough to have a hunting date! With real guns! LOL..Rick brought wine along and real wine glasses, and brought me to a beautiful beach...we talked...we walked..we laughed....and we kissed! Karen Kissed Rick was beautiful....we couldnt wait until we...  Read More
Married 8/2015
Barbara & Michael
Total Bliss
Mike contacted me in June for a date then called to cancel. A few months later, he again contacted me and we set a date for that weekend. We were both widowed and wanted a serious relationship without games. At our ages, we wanted to find partners that were vital and active to spend the rest of our lives with. After that first date, we were inseparable and found we were very compatible. It was a match made in heaven. We both ride Can Am Spyder motorcycles and got married in Reno at a Dr...  Read More
To Be Married 9/2012
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