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Amelia & Giovanni
Love at First Meeting
Neither of us had serious expectations with online dating, but we were both proved pleasantly wrong. If Giovanni hadn't contacted me first, we never would've met. I had seen his picture and was intrigued by how much we had in common, but I didn't contact him because I didn't like seeing a girl in one of his photos. We wrote long letters to each other for a week before exchanging numbers and chatting on the phone. Joking with a complete stranger had never come easy before. When we finally set...  Read More
Married 1/2010
Melua & Keith
When I was on Plenty of Fish, I wasn't really looking for romance, but moreso friends. I was a single mother who was in school and my daughter's father had taken off on us back to the East Coast. Edmonton was an extremely different place than my small hometown. While searching for people to talk to, I accidentally clicked on Keith's profile, trying to click on the guy next to him. When I first saw his age, I was like, NO! Little did I know that as soon as I clicked his profile, a notificati...  Read More
Married 9/2014
Kelsie & Jacob
We met in early September and didn't hit it off at first but after two weeks, we were inseparable. Two weeks later he proposed and told me he knew I was the one! When you know, you know! On November 1st, 2013 we got married!!
Married 11/2013
Michelle & Bryan
We definitely were not searching for something serious...
Both having made profiles for fun, Bryan and I never expected to meet anyone the way we met each other. We spoke a few times, he gave me his phone number, I never texted or called. I personally was not looking for a relationship and simply made a profile to see what this new site was all about. Well, after being blown off by someone else, we both happened to be wide awake at 1 a.m. We talked for hours--4 to be exact--and I decided that I would take his phone number this time. The next day, a...  Read More
Harmony & James
Give it a chance!
My husband and I met here, we did not do any online dating. we were friends until we met in person, which was not very long after. We were honest with each other, respected each other, and had to earn each others trust. it was just like our own little fairy tale! now we are happily married as of July 2012, and had a little girl July 2013! Thank you POF, for without you I may never have met my prince charming!
To Be Married 7/2012
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