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Vanessa & Joseph
Cupiddiva falls in love w/ her Baby Kangaroo
It started out just like every other Valentines Day, I wasn't as thrilled about the love holiday, he had sent me several prior messages both went unanswered, for whatever reason I decided to reply and I'm glad I did, he lived about 120 miles away and drove all the way to my neighborhood and have coffee with me. As soon as I saw him, I didn't know what to think. As we sat down we talked for hours and just like that I fell in love with his soft words, and his wholesomeness, all the charm in the wo...  Read More
Married 2/2015
Cindy & Dickey
Are you really from Amarillo?
I had been on many dating sites. I found POF fun and easy and I met a lot of people. I was a nurse and a busy single mom and didn't want any long distance relationships. So I put a distance restriction on my profile- not more than 50 miles from me. I had moved into a smaller house and didn't reactivate my internet service. So I only checked my POF account when I went to my friends house every few weeks. It was Labor Day weekend, my friend Michelle and I were at the Guadalupe River camping. A ser...  Read More
Married 6/2008
Jessica & Thomas
we knew from day one
Thomas and I met at starbucks for our first time meeting. After multiple conversations over the phone we knew we had compatibility. Once our eyes made contact we knew that was it for us. My 5 year old son has grown up without a father and fell in love with Thomas quickly. Our family was going to be complete. We plan on a June wedding and still think its all a dream. The searching and wondering and praying has ended. God has given us each our better half. We cannot wait to just live the rest of ...  Read More
Married 6/2014
Cary & Jason
Found my Prince Charming
I met Not A Cod here, we knew the first time we met that we were perfect for each other. We both had been through long marriages, mine 18 years, his 20 years and ugly divorces. But we knew that we were going to make it. August 23, 2012 he proposed to me and I said YES!!!! We have move in together, moved to Idaho and are planning our wedding and life together. Don't give up hope, you can find that one person right for you!!
Shannon & Jason
Jason and I met on POF back in May of 2012. Long story short, we fell in love and are now happily married. We want to credit POF for giving us the opportunity to find each other in an easy and economical way. Thank you POF!
Married 10/2013
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