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Dexter & Megan
A fast romance
We met on here in November 2012. It was both of our first times using the website and we only messaged each other. We met a few weeks later....we haven't left each other side since! We got married on May 10, 2013 and we our expecting our first child this summer!
Married 5/2013
Vicki & Bob
VickiBobby Forever
We were both getting a little discouraged with the online dating experience but decided to give it one more try. Each of us had said that we wouldn't have any expectations and would just meet and see what happened. Well, magic happened...when we met there was such a connection and not just sparks but fireworks exploded around us. Afterwards we couldn't even remember what the live music was or whether there were people around us. We have been together ever since we first met face to face on 8...  Read More
Married 8/2013
Jeffrey & Kimberly
We met in June of 2013 when Kimberly started a side job at a Subway in my hometown. We never really made a connection until one night we found ourselves chatting on POF. We immediately made it official on October 12, 2013. We have had a ton of fun being with each other every waking moment. We both work 2 full time jobs so it is difficult but we make it worthwhile when we are together! She always says that I am her hero! Not just because she loves me but also because I really am her hero; I am ...  Read More
Hanna & Tyler
I found the love of my life!
I was witnessing at a bar in our town. I was single, having a great time. All of my waitress friends had POF and they were always meeting and talking to cute guys so I figured I would try it out. A few days went by and I got tons of messages. I was surprised by how many people I knew from my home town. One night I got a message from a handsome man that was always in the bar. I had always had a gigantic crush on him. So we talked lightly about the bar, and then he asked why I was on POF. I said I...  Read More
Married 12/2013
Ashley & Sean
The single mom and her hero!
I was a divorced, single mom of 3 who wanted to get back out in the dating world. I had tried other sites and had met a few guys out and about but nothing ever came to fruition. When I made my pof profile, I was sure to include information and photos of my children as I was a package deal and wanted to make that abundantly clear. I had been on plenty of fish for about 2 months when I got a message from a sweet marine, who unbeknownst to me, was the love of my life! When I read his first message ...  Read More
Married 7/2013
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