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Dawn & James
Finally Found Each Other
Jim and I both were just about ready to give up. Dating others off the site did not fair very well. After seeing his profile it made me laugh, and I thought well here goes nothing he probably wont respond. He responded and we hit it off well. Everyday we found that we were so much a like, our friends and family could not believe how much we were similar. Our love and happiness was so profound and it still is. We got married, I moved to Toledo and we couldnt be happier. Thank you s...  Read More
Married 10/2013
Micki & Pete
Be patient, it's worth it!
Just like everyone else on here probably, I was just about to give up on ever finding my soul mate! I had never talked to someone on here without a picture (or good one), but for some reason, I took the chance with Pete....and I am so glad I did. I was going out for drinks at a local bar (my friend's band was playing), so I emailed Pete and told him where I'd be if he wanted to meet. He ended up showing up (which I really didn't think he was going to)!! As soon as I noticed him walking tow...  Read More
Ivan  & Jennifer
Perfect since day 1
Jen and I had the best 1st date that any 2 people could have. We had a great date and knew from the 1st date that there was something special between us. We went on our 2nd date less than a week later and have been inseparable since. Our passion for the NY Mets started our fire and it just kept growing from there. Jen is my best friend and on March 16, 2014 she became my wife and I am a much better person b/c of it. Thank you POF for bringing us together b/c I don't think that w/o you we never w...  Read More
Married 3/2014
Terry & Cathy
How I met my soulmate
I moved to Las Vegas to "start a new life" and was there about a year and a half when I started dating on POF and met Cathy. we had been dating for about a month.and a half when I got in a very serious motorcycle accident. I was on my way to work when I was hit on my motorcycle and I died on the scene. I was brought back and at the hospital they found that I had Cathy listed in my phone as "my baby".. so she was contacted by hospital telling her that she needed to get to hospital tha...  Read More
Married 8/2009
Tracy & Bryon
Our Love Story
Neither of them thought that they would find love online, but somehow, through a random series of events, they did! Tracy had started a profile on Plenty of Fish. A friend and colleague was already using the site, and encouraged Tracy to start. With an attitude similar to “What can I lose?” Tracy started her profile. Bryon had started using POF sometime before, and although wasn’t an active participant, he was letting the fish come to him. In an afternoon of searching through random profiles, Br...  Read More
Married 2/2014
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