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Danielle & Robert
True Love
We met on Halloween in 2009 and have been best friends and lovers ever since! We have a beautiful 2 1/2 year old daughter.
To Be Married 5/2011
Courtney & Nick
Happiness is out there!
I started looking for someone to date on plenty of fish back in 2009, after graduating from college. I had broken up with my college boyfriend and was unsure how I was going to meet someone new. I'm definitely not a barfly, and I'm way too introverted to ask someone for a date while waiting in line at the grocery. I found Nick's profile and quickly saved it. I had a few others saved too, but he was the one I kept going back to. I must have read his profile 50 times! There was something about ...  Read More
Married 7/2010
Juanita & Jack
This is Juanita speaking.I had been hurt so much in the past, that I was not really excited about meeting someone new.Jack just sounded so nice.He was everything and more than I ever expected in this day and time.He is a gentleman and chivalry does still exist.I just couldn't let him get away so I proposed to him on Dec.16, 2012.We were watching the latest episode of the bachorettes wedding.I realized it was what I wanted with Jack.This is Jack talking. I was beginning to think that women like J...  Read More
Shannon & Michael
A rush affair?
We met online, exchanged messages, then texted, next came very long phone calls, lastly we met in person, and everything clicked in place. One look, after those many hours of phone calls, I knew, I had found my match. Was it rushed, yes, but only because we are so sure!!! I never really believed this online dating would work, yet when I met Michael, my heart knew that I met the one for me. Everyday we grow stronger, everyday we grow more in love!! How can life get any better? I am not sure,...  Read More
Married 1/2013
Kristin & David
Found Love of my life on POF!
David messaged me first. We messaged back and forth for a few hours then talked on the phone. We would talk almost every day for 4 to 6 hours at a time and never a dull moment in the conversation. We took our time and finally had our first date several weeks later. We hit it off in person just as good as we did over the phone. From then on we were together as much as possible. It's been 10 months and every day we fall more in love with each other. In December we became engaged on New Years Eve. ...  Read More
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