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Now I am a LUCKY ONE
A few months after I ended yet another failed relationship, I found myself wanting to date again just to meet new people and have fun. My cousin told me about POF and how it was free. Considering I was done paying for online dating sites, I decided to try my luck on POF. One day I was just browsing through POF when I recognized Eisen. I didn't remember his name at the time; but when I saw his profile picture, I thought, "He went to Nogales. He's cute!" Eisen soon responded to my notice. He al...  Read More
Married 4/2013
Tracy & James
Our souls combined
James and I met on POF. But come to find our lives have been moving around each other since childhood. Everything moved very fast. But we are very happy. When we talked and got to know each other better we realized we used to move in the same circle of friends when we were teens. The ironic thing is we actually drag raced each other back then. We just wanted to say thank you to POF for finally putting us together forever.
Married 1/2013
Samantha & John
Was not love at first site
John was not my first choice when picking from the single men out there. He was divorced, in the military, quite a distance away, etc. In other words, he was not really my type. But, I still messaged him anyway. We talked for a month or so, but still kept our options open. After some failed attempts at trying to make some POF users grow up and get over themselves, I decided that I wanted to give John a shot. He had asked me out on a date and at first, I was hesitant, but eventually said ye...  Read More
Married 1/2013
Billy & Sarah
Down and almost out..... Almost
All my life, I had hoped I could be lucky enough to find a good woman to marry and raise a family with. I had just ended a bad relationship and was unsure about whether to get back in "the game" or not. I convinced myself to reactivate my account on POF for the sake of saying that at least I'm trying something to find someone. Within a few days, I found the profile of a very cute woman just on the edge of my search radius. All of the things she had to say about her values and being family-or...  Read More
Married 6/2013
Brandon & Courtney
My Lady My Love My Bride
2 Different States but meant to be. If it wasn't for POF our paths never would have crossed. I was surprised when I saw Courtney who lived 75 miles away on pof, she was the first and only profile from CT that I had seen, her beautiful blue eyes drew me in right away. Now we plan to be married have a beautiful baby boy who is almost 1 year old and we have our whole lives ahead of us. Thanks POF for helping us find true love in a way we would have never expected.
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