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Brad & Abby
Abby's 1st date on POF I consider myself so Lucky!!!
I messaged Abby asking her to go on a date with me, she advised she wanted to also, but then canceled and said she wasn't going to be able to. I had a feeling about her and sent her another message the next day asking if she wanted to reschedule our date for another time and she then agreed to meet up and walk with me. I took her walking for 2 hours, which she laughed telling me that she told her friend that if she didn't get a call from her in 2 hours to call her mom and tell her where she was ...  Read More
Married 6/2013
Debbie & Randy
Upside Down Guy!
After seeing Randy's profile picture show up everyday on my POF page (upside down!!) I finally decided to have a good look at him. I can't tell you how many times I deleted it because I thought, "who could be so stupid as to post a picture of themselves UPSIDE down!" Well, since it kept showing up day after day, I calmly got up oput of my chair, tilted my head to the side and had a GOOD look! WOW! He was a doll! I sent him a message, he messaged back and we've been together ever since! That ...  Read More
Married 4/2010
Jason & Michelle
Finally Happy
I met Michelle, our first date was at Applebees with my son. My son proceeded to embarrass me by saying " I like the hot ladies". I saw in her she was willing to be on my team. I also saw that Michelle was a great person to start my new life with. She quickly worked her way into my heart and as time went on i realized she was the one I could not live without and we finally got married September 1, 2012. I would like to thank POF for helping me find the love of my life. I would have never met her...  Read More
To Be Married 9/2012
Robin & Matthew
Perfect match:)
I am so happy i found my soulmate on plenty of fish:) we have been together for 5 years. We have a beautiful daughter that is turning 2 and we are currently expecting our second child. I know people say negative things about online dating. But for me it was a wonderful experience. I felt comfortable on this site and it was easy to use. I went on some good and bad dates before I met my husband. But it was all in fun.
Married 9/2009
red & katy
she was adventurous
we chatted for about a month on "fish". then switched to Yahoo and then to texting. we went on first date to rose bowl swap meet and then lunch , art showing and Lakers game. date lasted 17 hours! was so much fun and no pressure!! we did start holding hands at lunch time and were kissing by dinner... Our second date was 4 days later ( dinner and movie) . this has not stopped; we celebrated every month on the date of first date. we traveled to Hawaii, SF, San Diego. we ...  Read More
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