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Diane & David
David & Diane
We met on June 28th 2010 for the first time. It was love at first sight. If it wasn't for Plenty of Fish...we would have never met even though we live 1 minute away from each other, sooo glad I joined this site. We've shared very special moments together that some people never find in a lifetime. We are both grateful that this dating site is freely avaliable for people to meet their life partner, thank you for starting this site. To be married on June 28, 2014.
Amy & James
True Love comes to those who least expect it
I have been a member of plenty of fish since 2007. I was feeling very discouraged because a relationship that I thought was going to woe out suddenly came to a screeching halt. I was going to give POF one last shot and on my first search of the evening i came across a picture of a guy who had 2 extremely large pieces of cake in the picture with him. I thought to myself I am just going to say hey and we will see where that takes us. Well hey was all that it took. James and I have been insepa...  Read More
Married 10/2013
alycia & jeff
alycia & jeff
We met on POF and had an instant connection. He messaged me with his number & I called him a few weeks later & that was that. We talked for two weeks before meeting face to face. I would wait for his calls and texts just because he made me smile. It was like being in highschool all over again. Staying up late to talk, waking up hoping to see a good morning text. Our first face to face meeting was amazing! It was like fireworks the first hug. Undeniable chemistry I just felt like I belonged there...  Read More
To Be Married 10/2012
Emily & Trevor
Alaska isn't vast enough to keep our souls apart!
It was something in his eyes, I thought, while I was looking at this handsome guy's picture. I had sent him a message, telling him he had nice eyes, but didn't get a response. I thought well, maybe he's not interested, and let it go. But something told me to hang on to his picture. So I did. I kept going back to it, wanting to send another message, but figured it would be too goofy, which made me nervous, so I ignored the urge to do so and yet, I couldn't delete his picture for some reason. A co...  Read More
Amber & Adam
Love unexpected
After an unsuccessful marriage, it had been fifteen years since he had taken someone new on a “date”. His roommate’s negativity encouraged his fear of responding to messages. “Dude, what if she is a dude?” was a common question. He wondered what her first impression would be. He responded to a simple message after much trepidation, and they set a date to meet. Who’s on first, a bar and grill in a small town Minnesota. The day of the meeting, she was going back and forth with herself about...  Read More
Married 8/2013
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