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stacey & todd
found my prince charming!!!!
We first started talking on here through messages. then it lead to yahoo chat, then phone chat. after a week of talking we decided to meet. We met for Lunch on sunday June 13th. we went and ate chinese buffet. i knew he was different when we sat there for an hour without getting our food. after we ate and talked he asked if i wanted to go see a movie so i said yes. we went and saw "get him to the Greek". after the movie neither of us was ready for the date to end so we went and got mexican food....  Read More
Married 7/2010
Emily & Andy
Nothing fancy. We started messaging, talked on the phone, met in person, fell in love, got engaged and a year later, we got married! We have tried other dating websites, but just got lucky enough to connect on this one.
To Be Married 5/2012
Aaron & Cynthia
We found happiness!
It all started when the Army sent me to New York. I didn't know anyone so I created an account and started cruising around POF. It seemed unconventional but I stumbled across a profile that caught my eye. She was tall like me, red hair, and I could tell by her about me section that she had a stunning personality. I messaged her with a humorous message and she quickly responded. We spent the next two weeks texting and emailing each other back and forth. On October 6, 2011, we decided to meet at ...  Read More
Married 9/2013
Sabrina & Richard
Soul mates
It took just one date for us both to realize we had an awesome connection. I was in heaven and after saying goodbye I walked into a tree. We both agree that this is more than we have ever imagined love could be. We dated for a year and a half he asked me to marry him in may and we married in December of 2012.
To Be Married 12/2012
Sally & Karl
Love at first sight!
I signed up to pof through a bad breakup and was encouraged by other single friends to try it. Glancing through profiles, I spotted Karl's profile. He was totally out of my league so I didn't contact him. I spent several weeks looking at him over and over again, and eventually mustered up the courage to send him a message but only managed to say how gorgeous I thought he was! Never in a million years did I expect a reply but he did! We talked on Facebook for a week, then arranged to meet! ...  Read More
Married 5/2014
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