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Jamie & William
I found my best friend.
I was single and living in Virginia Beach, I had met quite a few people while living there but no one really felt right and my roommate talked me into trying POF. I met Will about a month after signing up. We spent hours talking on the phone before finally meeting and were both the first we had each met in person. I was honestly nervous to even talk to him again after we met the first time because he was so tall. I am only 5'3" and he is 6'8". My first reaction was this will never work but... W...  Read More
Married 5/2010
Debbie & Philip
Finding our Soul Mates
Debbie and I had the good fortune of finally finding each other, looking and praying over the years to find the ideal, if not perfect soul mate to complete ourselves in a manner hoped for by many but rarely achieved. I was hesitant to write to her because she was such a perfect Angle that appeared beyond my reach and my wildest expectations. Not thinking she would ever respond I wrote a brief note more as a lark than as a real attempt to reach out. Reading her profile, she stated she would l...  Read More
Married 2/2013
Laura & Christopher
When you know you know !!!!!!!!
After so long of searching for my soul mate, this dating site obviously works!! The man of my dreams had sent me a message and I instantly replied to see if there was something there. We messaged for five days and both agreed on meeting each other soon. That weekend he surprised and drove six and a half hours to where I was living to come and meet me. It was love at first sight!!!! He is everything I've ever wanted and I knew something special was there.We went out on our first date that night a...  Read More
Antoine & Jeannie
Madly in love
I met Jeannie here on Pof, and my life has been transformed. This is an awesome woman, we hit it off immediately. In just a short time period we both have come to realize that we want to spend the rest of our lives together.
Sarah & Ransford
Love at first hug....
Well we first started messaging on December 29th 2011. I was working a night shift and on a break was showing my friend POF. She turned and said to me 'what do you think of him?', I replied, 'oh he's a bit alright!', she then turned to me and said, 'well he's just messaged you!'. I then waited until the morning to reply and went off to sleep presuming I wouldn't get a response back. I awoke to find a message waiting for me. We swapped a couple of messages over the next few days and in the wee...  Read More
Married 5/2014
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