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Alyson & Elias
Alyson & Elias
I knew he was the one the moment I first saw his photo. He had the kindest eyes and a beautiful smile. We have been married for over seven months now and I am the happiest woman in the world. I am so grateful for POF.
To Be Married 8/2012
Lee & Lee
Same Name, Same Sign, Same Bloodtype
He contacted me after I had hidden my profile which I didn't think was possible. I loved his profile so I replied. We sent a few messages online and discovered that his name is Lee and my name is Lee. I gave him my phone number and when I returned his call, my full name "Lee Coleman" popped up and he thought someone was playing a joke on him. Once we got past the shock of having the same name, we discovered many other similarities including sign, bloodtype, favorite color, foods, restaurants, et...  Read More
Married 3/2013
Jamie & Paul
Our profiles both read looking for a friend. I just got out of a 4 year relationship and he was working a ton. We just wanted to chat over a few drinks, and laugh. Our first meet was fantastic he was funny, and talked, asked questions and was a total gentlemen. We hit our friendship off wonderfully! that night we played "20 questions" over text messages, till 3am. Two days later we meet again for drinks. Then it turned into him asking me to come by his work for a hug a couple weeks later. Then i...  Read More
To Be Married 6/2012
Valeria & Alberto
Uma história de amor e esperança
Conheci meu noivo, no site, foi uma experiência marcante, pois após tê-lo conhecido, não quis saber de mais ninguém. Fomos nos conhecendo e apaixonando cada vez mais...ficamos nos vendo, todos os dias, durante 2 meses, conversávamos por horas a fio, pelo computador e depois por telefone... Hoje estamos noivos , aleigres, felizes e programando o casamento.
tonia & freddie
never a day apart, after our first date!!!
I am so in love with my Freddie, we met on POF in Jan or Feb we talked txted for several months before i broke down and met this man because from all i got outta our interaction i was falling hard and couldn't let him get away.We spent the first 2 weeks 100% together, i went home for 1 night in Ohio him in Kentucky, and just felt empty, as did he, that next day i moved in with him got a job in KY and now we have our own house we picked together our 2 dogs(kids) and couldn't be more happy. of cou...  Read More
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